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Research indicates that the best time to sell your home is during the spring — but you can start prepping way in advance, a little at a time. Here’s where to get started:

Remove Personal Possessions

You want to be able to allow potential buyers to see their own items in your home. 

This means removing a lot of personal photographs or other objects that might be distracting for buyers. This does not mean you have to remove all photos but be selective.  

Declutter Your Home

Having too many items in your home can put buyers off. It is so easy to accumulate stuff over the years or if you have been working from home, you have both life and work items. Be ruthless and declutter every room in your home. Give some items to charity, and if you really want to keep them, opt for placing some items in storage. It is an excellent process to undertake when you are moving as you don’t have as many items to take with you!

Get Organized

If you have items lying about and not stored away, potential buyers will think there isn’t room for storage within your home. Ensure you get organized and store away items in the right place.  

Repair Broken Items

There can be jobs in the home that we put off. However, if you are selling, it is best to get these fixed. Otherwise, it will put buyers off, or a buyer will ask for a reduced price if they believe a lot of work is needed to fix problems. So if there is a tile missing or a leaky tap, get those fixed. 

Clean Your Home

Before putting your house up for sale, giving it a good clean is vital. This is especially true if you have pets. This means cleaning it from top to bottom. For example, you may wish to hire professionals for cleaning items such as window washing or deep cleaning your carpets. It’s also essential to clean the outside of your home, and you may need a professional here too if you need to pressure wash your driveway. The trick is also to keep up the cleanliness throughout the period your house is on the market. No easy task but with a determination to sell your home, you can ensure your home is clean and in order.

Consider Curb Appeal

If your home isn’t inviting when buyers walk to the front door, they may not even enter. 

You want the exterior of your house to be tidy and inviting. This means sprucing up any paint, adding flowers, and cleaning the driveway. Why not add a wreath to the front door or lights along the path? These are things you can do without spending too much money but could make the difference in whether you sell your property or not. 

These are just a few ways you can prepare your home for selling and selling quickly. These tips involve careful planning and writing a list of things to do, but it will be of benefit and convince buyers that your home is the one they wish to purchase.

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