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Do you have a family member or close friend moving into a new home soon? If so, you will undoubtedly know that moving to a new abode can be both an exciting and stressful event simultaneously. In fact, moving home often mixes up all kinds of emotions and feelings.

Once your family member or friend has moved into their new house or apartment, you want to give them a lovely housewarming gift. The thing is, you’re not sure what to give them! Take a look at these inspirational examples of housewarming gift ideas:

1. Personalized House Portrait

It might seem like an odd gift idea to give your family member or friend a portrait of the home they have just moved into. But, it’s an excellent way of making a new home move official. Plus, it’s something they can keep if they move home again in the future.

The idea of a personalized house portrait isn’t so much to create an illustrated version of the home’s exterior. It’s more to create a long-lasting memory – one that you can both share and treasure together.

2. A Floral Gift

What happens if your family member or friend has moved to a new home in another part of the country? Or, what if they’ve moved to a different nation?

As you can imagine, visiting them at their new location can be somewhat challenging, especially at the moment due to COVID-19. That’s why you might prefer to send flowers to them instead.

You could choose a large, bright, and cheerful floral gift, one that your family member or friend will love and appreciate.

3. Champagne

Let’s face it: moving to a new home is always a reason to celebrate, and what better way than with a bottle of champagne? When you go to visit your family member or friend, you can all toast to new beginnings and enjoy each other’s company in their new home.

If the person in question isn’t an alcohol drinker, you can also purchase non-alcoholic champagne. Don’t forget to bring some champagne glasses with you if they don’t have any, or they’re still packed away in a box somewhere!

4. Slate Bath Caddy

Moving to a new home is always an involved process, and one thing that your family member or friend will want to do is spend some time relaxing in their bathtub. Sure, you could always buy them some “bath bombs” or scented candles for a relaxing soak.

But, what can really be a good gift idea is a slate bath caddy. It’s stylish, practical, and lays the groundwork for self-care. Also, a slate bath caddy fits in well with any bathroom decor, and your family member or friend will appreciate the thought.

5. Plants

Lastly, plants are a classic housewarming gift, and they brighten up any abode. Did you know that plants also help keep the air inside a home clear by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen? They also look great outdoors in the garden!

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