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If you’ve been adversely affected by what’s going on amid the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. There have been such massive changes to everybody’s lives that we may wonder if we can ever really bounce back. While there have been some silver linings to the experience, such as more people working at home, if you have been stuck at home for months and you’re trying to get back to some sense of normality, you may feel you are not able to cope.

As the world gets slowly back to some form of normal, what can we do to recover some sense of normality without feeling overly anxious?

Pace Yourself

You need to go at the right pace for yourself. Some people may tell you that you’re being too cautious when looking for disinfectant wipes in stock or stocking on alcohol gel but you have to remember that these are the things that you have control over. When people are telling you that you “should” be stepping out so you can connect with others, you need to feel comfortable in the situation. And if you don’t feel ready it’s important to go at the pace that is comfortable for you. If you feel concerns you need to speak about these with those close to you. Everybody has the right to go at their own pace including people close to you.

Have an Action Plan

There are aspects of life that you have no control over but this is what causes fear and anxiety. Having an action plan for managing things that you may find difficult can help but also give you the ability to feel your way through a situation. You need to pace yourself but you also need to gauge each situation on its genuine merit. We can feel that we have built something up before we do it and this could mean we are placing a lot of emotional weight on it. If your children want to do something but you don’t feel right about doing it, will your partner be able to do it instead? Having an action plan for certain scenarios and a backup plan can help everybody.

Alter Your Routines

In one respect, changing your routines can help you to deal with a small dose of uncertainty. But you also need to control your anxieties based on each situation. For example, if you go to a store and it makes you nervous, try a different store or try going to the store at a different time of day. By mixing up these routines so you can control your anxiety will make you feel better. At the same time, you can also slowly build up your tolerance. Doing something little that challenges you every day or every few days will gradually increase your resilience.

We have all experienced something very difficult. And while there is no end in sight at the moment, there are things that you can do to increase your mental strength so when the day comes that everything is lifted you can live your best life with your family.

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