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By Jenn Sanders

A brand collaboration with Baltic Amber

Is your tiny, teething human giving you a headache? Solve both of your problems with Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces.

But… What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic amber is fossilized resin that has been collected from the sap of conifer trees. When heated, (think sweaty, teething baby), Baltic amber releases oils that contain succinic acid which is then absorbed into the bloodstream. These oils are what relieve pain and calm your teething baby! Science!

Succinic acid is commonly revered for its healing properties in Asian and European countries, often sought out by those suffering from arthritis or other illnesses. This is because amber’s succinic acid is an anti-inflammatory immunity-booster that is also packed with antioxidants and has soothing effects.

Where Does Baltic Amber Originate?

Baltic amber is given its name due to the region where it’s found — more specifically, the countries that border the eastern Baltic Sea including Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Due to the geographical location of origin, Asian and European countries have used amber for centuries to cure a magnitude of ailments including teething, anti-inflammatory conditions, depression, and even aides in boosting your immunity due to the many antioxidants found in it.

Is Baltic Amber Toxic?

NO! It is not a medication, either. Baltic amber works due to the succinic acid found in it. Succinic acid comes from the resin of conifer trees found in the Baltic region. The sap is harvested from the trees and then the succinic acid is separated from it to create the amber. The amber found in this region is known for having the highest traces of succinic acid, making it the most effective when using for healing purposes.

How Does the Necklace Work?

Teething necklaces work by your body soaking in the amber, allowing the resin to seep through the surface of the bead, and absorb into your baby’s bloodstream. This means that your baby does not and should not chew on these necklaces. Due to the varying lengths, I would even suggest getting a slightly longer necklace and wrapping it around your baby’s ankle, making it less tempting to put in his or her mouth.

Can My Baby Sleep in the Necklace?

Pediatricians recommend that any loose clothing, blankets, pillows or jewelry be removed from the baby’s sleeping area. This is because infants that small are unable to roll over or move problem objects out of the way of their airway if it becomes obstructed. This is the same recommendation for teething necklaces. While they have many healing properties, you can achieve the results you’re looking for without having your child sleep in them.

Amber teething necklaces are great because they can get rid of those pesky teething symptoms such as swollen gums, drooling, irritability and restlessness. If you’re still a little worried, purchase one for yourself first. Amber necklaces aren’t just for teething babies but for adults suffering from migraines, depression, or pregnancy pains. Try nature’s medicine today and save your sanity!

Jenn Sanders is a marketing assistant at Baltic Wonder, a company that is dedicated to the health and well-being of infants. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and outdoor adventures.
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