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Storage is almost always at a premium in your home. While decluttering always helps, there are some creative ways to use the space you have in your home to make it feel more spacious.

Have you ever thought about using the space under your stairs?

Take a look at these cool ideas for how to best use that space in your home – and reach out to the experts at to learn more.

Desk Space

Although the height of your stairs might make this a better option for your children than adults it can be a great way of providing a work space. Simply fit a long board for a desk and a couple for shelves and make sure the backs of the stairs are nicely covered.

The advantage of this is that the bedroom can remain a relaxing space for your kids, and you can keep an eye on them doing their homework!

Expand The Kitchen

With a little careful construction you can make a wheeled cupboard or even a drink storage solution. The end of the unit will need to blend in to the under stairs perfectly. This means using the same color wood and shaping it to match your stairs. The end result is extra kitchen storage space that is hidden unless needed and makes it look like the area under the stairs is a solid wall.



The traditional use for the under-stairs area is to place a door on it and make a large cupboard. Unfortunately this is not generally an efficient or stylish storage solution.

Instead, you can purchase a range of cupboards designed to fit perfectly under your stairs. You can even have them custom made. These look like high end cupboards and will help you organize your storage space efficiently.

Display Space

The under stairs area can be a dark spot in the house. Add a few lights and a glass shelving unit and you’ll instantly make it an interesting and vibrant section of your home.

Pet Home

If you love different pets then the under-stairs area can make a perfect place to keep your snake or lizards! It can be easily enclosed, given a heat lamp and a glass front. Your favorite pets will have plenty of space and always be visible to you!

Extend The Living Room

You might not want to sit in the space under the stairs to watch television but it is possible to add several large cushions or soft, low chairs and make it a chill-out zone.

This can be great for children to play in or as an area for when you play family games together.


Another idea is to add a large bookcase and a few small seats to make it the library for your children. It will give them their own space and encourage them to read more!

Miniature Office

The final idea for this list is to create your own small office in the space available; just be careful when you stand up!

It is best to face your desk towards the stairs so that you’ll be standing up in the highest point.


How have you used the space under your stairs to your advantage?


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