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A brand collaboration with the Aussie Knitting Co.

There is evidence that suggests knitting was first undertaken in Ancient Egypt; this makes it one of the oldest hobbies on the planet!

It is also a surprisingly easy hobby to learn. All you need is two needles, some yarn and a pattern to work from.

(A great place for inspiration is the aussie knitting co.)

Here are some tips to get started:

Understanding The Pattern

The first thing to note is that every pattern has a size written at the top. This is the size options for the garment you are going to knit. The instructions will allow you to create the smallest size on the list.

You will also note there is a chart that helps you to determine the different measurements you will need to knit too; depending on the size you want the finished garment to be.

It is a good idea to circle the size you are making to avoid you getting confused during the process.

The Rating

There is also a skill level indicated on the pattern. This will be one of the following:

  • Beginner – everything is kept basic to enable anyone to create this pattern.
  • Easy – The stitches remain basic and easy to create. There are probably a few color changes to make it slightly more complicated / attractive.
  • Intermediate – This is for people who have been knitting a while and are comfortable with different techniques. These garments should have a more quality finish.
  • Experienced – Unsurprisingly these patterns use several different stitches, colors and focus on detailed shaping to ensure a high quality finish.


You only need two needles to get started. They do come in different sizes but as a beginner it is not particularly important which set you get.

The Slipknot

You need to know how to do this to ensure that the stitches stay on your needle as you start progressing with your garment.

All you have to do is loop the yarn round two of your fingers while letting the end dangle in your palm.

Then slide the yarn ball through the loop you have created but retain a new loop above the existing one.

Pull the original loop tight and you have a slipknot which can be tightened onto your needle

Casting On

Now you’re ready to knit! Simply hold a loop of the yarn in your left hand and bring the needle in your right hand through the loop you’ve just created.

Slide the yarn off your thumb and gently pull it tight onto your needle.

You can then repeat the process until you have the right number of stitches on your needle.

The Basic Stitch

To make your basic product you now need to start adding a simple stitch and keep going until it is big enough!

The basic stitch is the knit.

The casting row of stitches should be on the needle and now held in your left hand.

Slide your empty right needle through the first loop on the other needle; it needs to go from front to back.

Loop new yarn round the top of the two needles with the yarn resting on top of the bottom needle. Now pull the right needle past the point of the left and on top of it. The stitch should be on the right needle and you can move onto the second stitch.

Are you ready to get started?

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