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Busy moms tend to treat their cars as an office. When you’re in the car for multiple hours each week shuttling kids to and from preschool, then to baseball practice, grabbing groceries and meeting friends for play dates, your car is bound to get a bit messy and overloaded with trash, clutter and stuff. If you want to get your car clean and organized and keep it that way, take a look at these 5 tips.

Wipe down all surfaces each week

Baby wipes are excellent for more than just wiping down your baby. You can use baby wipes to remove dust and dirt from hard surfaces throughout your car. Wipes are free of chemicals and they’re affordable! Keep an extra pack in your glove compartment for cleaning up both the kids and the car. If you tried to make easier resolutions to feel more accomplished, this is one resolution that is easy to attain.

Use organizers

Organizers are wonderful at keeping your vehicle…organized! Keep your car well stocked and give miscellaneous items a home with the help of organizers. Keep organizers in your trunk for groceries, sports gear and shopping bags. Put one on the back of the front seats for books, toys and soppy cups. If you travel out of town with the kids frequently, organizers are especially helpful.

Keep food contained

No matter how much you told yourself that your car would never be a place for eating meals, it has become just that. For the times you hit up the drive thru on the way out of town, it’s great to have an inexpensive shower caddy in your car to divide the food, sauce and drink. This idea is one of many cheap ways to keep your car organized. Put your kid’s food in each compartment to make things easier and hopefully cut down on spills!

Give all of the important documents a home

On the off chance you get pulled over while driving, you don’t want to have to scramble to find the papers you need. Keep your important car documents in a single place so you aren’t panic stricken when you need to locate your registration on insurance information. Use an envelope-sized file folder that has numerous labeled compartments to keep your papers organized and prevent them from getting lost or smashed.

Don’t leave things in your car

One rule you should always follow is that everything that goes in the car must come back out of the car once you’re home. If you bring a water bottle, jacket or umbrella to the car when you’re heading out in the morning, bring the item back in when you get home. If your kids each choose a toy for the afternoon trip to the park, make sure that same toy comes back in your house when you arrive home. It’s very easy to leave things in the car, but that’s how it gets cluttered. Take the extra few seconds to bring your belongings back indoors so your car doesn’t turning a hoarder’s dream come true.

Put these simple tips into action and keep your car clean and clutter-free from this point forward.

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