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Ahhh, fall, the time of slow cooker meals. This Crock-Pot beef taco soup recipe is another one to add to your meal list during these chilly fall and winter months! It only takes five ingredients, and doesn’t come loaded with corn and beans (it’s ok if you like those, just saying that it’s different than a lot of the other taco soup recipes floating around out there!)! If you aren’t feeling traditional tacos or don’t have the necessary ingredients to make this taco pizza recipe, Crock-Pot beef taco soup is what’s for dinner!

The most recent time I made this was the afternoon of Halloween. I decided I need something I could put in the slow cooker, knowing we’d be scrambling for dinner and want something warm to eat after a cold night out trick-or-treating in Indiana. I crossed my fingers and followed the recipe I found on Beyer Beware and hoped for the best! You never know with new recipes. I’m sharing with you because the taco soup turned out great, and my husband said it’s the best soup he’s ever had!

Crock-Pot Beef Taco Soup Ingredients

2 pounds ground beef (you could use sausage if you wanted)
2, 8-ounce packages cream cheese
2, 10 ounce cans of diced tomatoes with chilies (like Rotel, but I used the Aldi brand)
1 packet of taco seasoning
3 1/2 cups chicken broth.

Crock-Pot Beef Taco Soup Directions

Brown the meat until fully cooked, then drain the grease. While the meat is browning, go ahead and put the cream cheese, cans of tomatoes (do not drain), and seasoning packet in the crock pot. Pour the beef in, then cover with the chicken broth. Cook it on low for four hours or high for two hours, stirring once during to mix up the cream cheese. You can garnish with whatever you like! I put some shredded Mexican cheese on mine! Serve with tortilla chips.

This recipe is hearty, low-carb, and can be cooked in very little time — perfect if you find yourself scrambling for a meal later in the day! Hope you love it as much as we do!

Photo credit: The Primal Food Blog


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