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Designing a family-friendly garden doesn’t necessarily mean that adults have to give up the lawn for a soccer field, or that children have to be banned from certain areas where precious plants grow. With some careful planning and thought, creating a balance where parents and kids can all enjoy the outdoors together isn’t too difficult to do; here are some helpful ideas to start you off.

Get the kids involved

As much as a garden is all about having fun and roaming free, it can also be about learning. When thinking about the design of your garden, talk it through with your children to make it both enjoyable and educational: they may want, for example, their own little veggie plot or fairy garden. You can also include flowers, bird feeders or bat homes to encourage wildlife into the environment which everyone can get pleasure from.

Whilst children love to play and explore, a garden can have many dangers so to ensure it is a safe place for them, dig out poisonous or spiky plants and remove any loose rocks or stones. When choosing a kid’s area in your garden, make sure it’s in a position that can be seen from as many angles of the house. If you’re planning to have swings or other playground fun, place them in a space where there’s soft ground and integrate a sand or mud box where they can have messy fun with their playmates.

Add fun garden features

Garden design isn’t just about planting so if you want to add more character that all the family can be entertained by, consider installing a few garden features. There are many quirky ornaments and statues to choose from that can add more personalized touches to complement the area. Kids love to play with water, plus the sounds and sight of a water fountain can have a calming effect for times hanging out in the garden, especially around your dining area.

Even an abandoned tree trunk can be used as an impromptu seat but if you want to get really ambitious and encourage everyone’s imagination, a tree house or play platform can be a perfect fun place to hang out, and can be adapted depending on your children’s ages. Alternatively, building a tepee or creating a secret den will inspire their passion, especially for older kids who might not always want to be under the eagle eye of parents!

Your garden doesn’t have to be transformed into one big play area but simple additions that are both safe, and creative, can enhance a space where everyone is happy to spend time in.

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