Breastfeeding mom emoji one of several to show up in 2017

I spent a lot of time texting when I breastfed my kids. It was usually the time when I caught up with any messages that needed my attention, work or otherwise. Generally those messages were laced with typos or autocorrect fails, as texting with one hand often got the better of me. I once told someone that my youngest was a “baby smuggler” when I wanted to say “baby snuggler.” A laughing face emoji was the reply and I wasn’t arrested.

Apple is going to make it even easier to let moms tell their friends what they’re up to when nursing with a soon-to-come “breastfeeding mom” emoji. It’s just one of a new batch of emojis the tech giant plans to unveil later this year that is expected to coincide with the OS 11 upgrade rollout. Other new emojis on the list include a man doing Yoga, a T-Rex, an elf, a zombie (also synonymous with moms of infants, I think), men with beards, women with headscarves, a zebra and a symbol for bitcoin (the digital currency).

breastfeeding mom emojiPhoto via Apple

The breastfeeding mom emoji is long overdue, in my opinion.

I did a quick scan of the emojis on my iPhone as of today – and there are emojis for babies, for baby bottles, for diapers, for pregnant women, and other human-like ones that represent moms and dads. I wasn’t able to find anything to do with breastfeeding. The breastfeeding mom emoji will be an even quicker way to answer the text question “What are you doing?” and will be more convenient to send with one hand. Heck, I may just randomly send it to people to make up for the times I didn’t have it as a breastfeeding mom.

The new set of emojis from Apple looks like a lot of fun. What emojis are you hoping to see in future rollouts?

Here’s the full preview from Apple.


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