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Most of us are eager to put together our first baby book. We jot down milestones and memories the moment they happen. Literally, we can’t put the camera down and head to social media to share our baby’s first smiles and steps. We are proud of our little one and we can’t wait to create a beautiful keepsake that allows us to relive every little moment for his first year.

Fast forward to your second baby and beyond and it’s likely you didn’t manage to jot down that he ate strawberries for the first time because you were busy feeding the oldest child, and you had to tend to dishes and multiple hand washes and probably a potty accident and at least one change of clothes. Maybe you sent yourself a text or wrote down his latest accomplishments on a trusty post in a note — but nowhere near a baby book.

A baby book is a commitment to craft and, quite frankly, it’s something that gets put on the back burner (at least that’s what has happened at my house). If you’re busy but wishing you could still put together a lovely baby book, don’t fret! It’s never too late. Take a look at these tips that can help you put together a beautiful baby book that documents your child’s first year pretty quickly.

What Kind Do You Want?

First, you need to decide if you want to buy a paper baby book from a store, or if you prefer to make a digital one online. You can use a photo managing website like Shutterfly that helps you take your photos and make them into a special and detailed book complete with captions. The benefit of creating an online book is that you can find a template, follow the steps and make a gorgeous book. I urge you to print a hard copy if you decide to do this, too. There is nothing like a tangible baby book.

Choose Your Photos.

When you put together a photo book for your baby’s first year, you want to gather the most special photos. You’ll want some from his birth, of course, and meeting his siblings and grandparents. You could use photos from his baptism or dedication day, the first smile you captured on camera, the first time he ate solid food, and any other milestones and holidays.

If you create an offline baby book, you could keep mementos in a box — think footprints, snips of hair, a church bulletin from baptism day and even a first birthday party invitation. This handy box makes it convenient when you want to locate all of these meaningful items.

If Your Child is Older…

It’s okay if your child is a few years old! I have paper books from Target for my oldest two and guess what? I am going to make new, digital ones online and print hard copies for them, too. If you don’t have many details written down, get together with your spouse or loved ones and brainstorm to see what you can remember. You’ll be able to come up with some details and spark some memories.

Creating a baby book can seem like a chore or overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. After all, you don’t want to forget anything! I get that! Sometimes I feel like I am grasping for something to hold onto to slow time down as the days turn into months during the whirlwind of a first year. Remember that there is no single right way to do it. Think about any memories and firsts that stand out — the things he would love to know more about some day and the things you can’t stand the thought of forgetting. You’ll love having all of those beautiful memories and pictures in one bound book that you will treasure forever.

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