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As I get older and more well-versed on all things parenting, I’m starting to use a more critical eye when it comes to what I buy for my kids, from breakfast cereal to the toys that line their shelves. When I’m entering new territory — like buying a “big kid” bike for my 10-year-old son — I usually consult my trusted group of friends first to see what they suggest. This form of word-of-mouth, referral marketing is nothing new for brands, but with the advent of all things social media, it’s seeing more power. In addition to people posting on their personal social media about products, now there are websites that cater to the questions parents may ask, either with or without customer reviews.
I recently had the chance to look over the site The Baby Cubby, a retailer that has hired parents to hand-pick and even test some of the products it sells. “First-time mom” me would probably not have used this site; I basically just looked at price tags. By my third baby, though, I think a site like this would’ve definitely benefited me. By then I knew more about quality items, wear and tear, and where to spend a little more money (and where to save).
I enjoyed perusing the site and seeing how The Baby Cubby is finding a niche in a crowded marketplace. If you’re expecting your first or your last little one, here’s what you should check out on The Baby Cubby:

The Car Seat Buying Advice

Of all the gear you’ll buy for a new baby, a car seat tops the list when it comes to safety. Not all car seats are created equal and you’ll fare better if you buy one that will grow with your child. Check out the post How to Choose the Right Car Seat on The Baby Cubby for some points to consider before buying.
Correctly using that car seat is the next step; proper car seat choice based on weight and height, along with correctly using it, can lower the child mortality rate in car accidents by as much as 71 percent. Car seat safety tips in this regard are also included in The Baby Cubby post.

The Diaper Bag Buying Guide

The right diaper bag can truly make or break your outings with your little one. In my experience, determining your needs BEFORE you shop for a diaper bag is the best plan, or you may end up with one that is too bulky (or one that doesn’t have the basics you need). If you are planning for your second or third child, account for the space for the needs of the other kids, too. You can slice and dice your preferences and compare brands by heading to the diaper bag buying guide on The Baby Cubby.

The Stroller Buying Guide

There are A LOT of stroller choices out there – and if this is  your first baby, you may actually be surprised at how many options you have. The Baby Cubby does a pretty comprehensive job covering what you need to consider when buying a stroller (please don’t buy based on price alone!) and then offering a variety of models, styles and price points for parents. Check out the stroller buying guide on the site for more info.

The Baby Cubby Blog

I clicked on the blog located on the site and ended up reading 5 posts before I got back to work. There is some great content there – and beautiful pictures. Check it out!

About The Baby Cubby

Here is a little more info The Baby Cubby provided me that will help you understand and navigate the site:

– We always price match, even Amazon, so you know you’re getting a great deal.
– We carry only the highest quality and safest gear so that you can shop confidently (we spend hundreds of hours researching so you don’t have to).
– We offer free shipping every day at BabyCubby.com on orders over $49
You can read a little bit more about The Baby Cubby by clicking here.
If you have used The Baby Cubby for your own research and shopping, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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