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I always make it a point to stay active. For the last several months, I have been walking a few miles several days a week outdoors – ┬ásimple and plain old walking is my favorite. However, it’s getting dark earlier now where I live in Indiana, and the cool temperatures are closing in on us, too, which has led me to try various exercise videos — and I have found one I really enjoy.

Most workout routines I select are simple, fun, and lower impact. I try the new “hot” videos that everyone rants and raves about and usually find them to be okay. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind a challenge and I am pretty coordinated, but I generally like following instructors who keep things clear, and so I am confused attempting to follow overly challenging moves.

One of Leslie Sansone’s videos from the early 2000s is called Walk Away the Pounds, and there are two workouts on one DVD. It has a 1-and 2-mile walk. I primarily do the 2-mile walk, also called the High Calorie Burn. The front cover says you can “Get Fit Fast” and, while I haven’t been doing the video for enough time to see a physical difference(and I am pregnant, so I am not trying to lose weight, just stay in shape!), I can tell you her video does provide a nice workout.

Through the duration of the workout, Leslie Sansone talks to and encourages you and points out the distance you have walked every 1/2 mile. The 2-mile walk takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, and that includes the warm up and the cool down. She has participants use Walk-Away weights. I did not buy her weights and instead hold a pair of 1.5-pound ankle weights that I already own. You could also use regular hand weights or track down her Walk Away weights if you choose!

This aerobic workout doesn’t require you to move too far, so if you are limited on space, it is okay. She varies between marching in place, doing side steps, kick backs, and knee lifts, and a few other motions. Leslie Sansone also has you lift your arms and move them around. The moves she encourages are pretty simple, and the workout is a great way to get in shape. Since I have been walking a few miles a day outdoors, the 1-mile walk wasn’t a challenge, but I have done it and still enjoyed it and think it’s good for beginners.

I found this copy of Walk Away the Pounds at the library, and it’s also sold by many online retailers if you want to try it!

Overall, I give Walk Away the Pounds a big thumbs up! Some other things about the video that I like are that the group of people doing the video look like “real” people, they motivate you, and there is someone who modifies the workout for those who need it.

Hope you try it it! It’s an ideal workout for the cooler months, and the 30 minutes fly by.

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