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Having a baby boy means a lot of excitement

This November, I’ll be welcoming my third child into the world. As a mom who already has one boy and one girl, I didn’t have a strong desire for one gender over the other.

Throughout this pregnancy, most people have guessed we’d have a girl, including my husband and children. I’ve never been one to “know” what I was having, but had I been forced to guess, I’d have said this baby was a girl, too.

We found out that we are actually having a baby boy and could not be more excited! While my daughter wanted a sister, she’s pretty stoked to keep her hold on ALL of the Barbies around the house. She and my son will be the best of big siblings, and I can’t wait to see how much they love him (and he loves them). I’ve also experienced the blessing of having kids close in age, and now I get to experience what it’s like to have bigger kids who want to help.

Here are 9 great things about having a baby boy:

1. They love their mommies.

Mothers are often a baby’s favorite person, and to a little boy, you are always their number one. Girls aren’t always the gentler gender as many tend to think — often boys are very affectionate toward their mothers.

2. They can be pretty tough.

There isn’t much drama surrounding boys. A fall or other injury is usually followed by a quick, “Ouch,” and then they dust themselves off and keep going. You probably won’t be greeted by excessive screams and cries each and every time he has a little booboo.

3. Boys are easier in many ways.

If you can handle the energy and noise, boys can really be the easier of the sexes to raise. The reasons why? Boys typically have less attitude, are less complicated, and tend to be easier going, too. This is, of course, not always the case and girls are awesome, too. Boys just tend to get a bad rap for being wild and tough to raise.

4. You can play rough with them.

Nearly all kids love the great outdoors, and many like to roughhouse, but boys tend to love those things a little more. You will find yourself spending countless hours in nature, running, playing sports, and chasing your little boy. He’ll have bountiful energy and you’ll probably spend your time running around after him all day to help rid him of that energy so you both can sleep at night.

5. You get to buy tiny, sweet boy clothes.

While the tutus, frills, princess dresses, headbands, and copious amounts of pink are undeniably adorable, little boys’ clothes are pretty darn cute, too. The hues of blues and grays, the striped and plaid patterns, the little cardigans, and the athletic clothes … I mean, come on. I can hardly pick a favorite! Don’t you love them all?

6. He’ll have a sensitive side you can nurture.

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails are a few of the things boys are made of. They’re cuddly, sweet, and sensitive little people. Your boy may still cry about things, not mind princesses, and play dress up. He’ll have a soft side that only you may see when he snuggles with you at night and tells you how much he loves you.

7. You get to teach him how to be a gentleman and a good husband and father.

As him mommy, you have the awesome job of making sure your little man grows up to be a good grown-up man. You can raise him to be a good guy who makes his wife feel loved, one who respects others, and has good manners.

8. His friendships won’t be as complicated.

Boys and girls have different friendships. With a little boy, you probably won’t have the drama and will experience fewer falling outs and gossip. The he-said, she-said mumbo jumbo always exists, but it tends to be less frequent with males.

9. He and his dad will be two peas in a pod.

Your son and his dad may have a common interest such as a sport and/or a sports team, a musical instrument, or any other passion. It’ll be fun to encourage the two to enjoy time together and see the bond they share.

While girls are pretty darn fun and cute, there are a lot of equally amazing things about having a baby boy, too. I could not be more thankful and excited to welcome another little man into my life.

What are some reasons you think little boys are mighty special and fun?

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