Lori Lori is a work-at-home mom of three living in Noblesville, Indiana.

The winter months here in Indiana can become a little … monotonous. I love thinking of fun and new ways to engage the kids and keep them busy and learning. Here are six of my favorite indoor games and activities for kids.

6 Indoor Games and Activities for Kids

Write notes to Grandparents.

Both of my kids love coloring and decorating pictures and helping me write messages for their grandparents. They want to stamp the envelopes, and we take the letters to the mailbox. This is a fun and simple activity you can do year-round, but we do it more often during the colder months. Bonus: I know the grandparents LOVE getting these notes from their grandkids.

Make a sensory table.

Christmas sensory table the kids loved.

Kids LOVE sensory tables or sensory bins! We enjoyed one very much this holiday season. It was full of mini plastic candy canes, white beans, red beads, soft balls, paper clips, bells, and other trinkets. The kids had a blast! You can use anything in sensory boxes: find objects that are different sizes and have varying textures.

Make shaving cream paint.

There is nothing more fun than fluffy, colored paints kids can use in the bathtub. Shaving cream mixed with food coloring in a muffin tray (find the directions to make it here) is an easy and inexpensive — and did I mention FUN — way to keep your kids busy. Plus, it doubles as a science experiment as they watch the shaving cream change from white to various colors.

Straw-cutting fun.

If your kids can use scissors, they will love this activity! Let your kids cut up plastic straws (we save ours from the water we get at restaurants). Tie one end of a shoe lace into a bow (shown in photo). Encourage your kids to put the cut-up pieces of straw onto the shoe lace. This activity works on fine motor skills.

Balloon ping pong.

Use paper plates and a stick (popsicle sticks work well) to create racquets. A balloon makes the perfect ball. You have yourself a fun game the kids will love!

Get your hearts pumping.

Encourage your kids to get moving! Do jumping jacks or hop on one foot. Turn on some kids’ music and dance. There are countless ways you can get your hearts pumping and have some fun!

The colder months don’t have to be a drag. There are endless activities you can do inside that don’t cost much money. What other creative indoor crafts and activities would you like to share with us? We would love to hear!

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