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I am a mom to a lovely 3-and-a-half year old girl who is special and one of my closest friends. I want her to be beautiful in ways that extend far beyond having the best physique and precisely applied eye makeup. It isn’t something all the clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch (or wherever the cool spot to shop is these days) or the best highlighted hair can generate. The beauty we want our daughters to have will come from confidence and love and things moms should teach daughters every day.


My daughter and I in a photo taken this summer by Little
Door Photography by Meagan Inman.

I know how important these years are and have made it a point to lay a good foundation regarding what she thinks and believes of herself. Every day I am with her, I send her messages through the things I say and the choices I make. It is so important to be conscientious of every move I make; her little eyes are always watching. I love having an active role in her girlhood and cannot sit back and let society be the one to teach her who she is, what she should be, and what makes her beautiful and successful.

Five Things All Moms Should Teach Daughters:

Moms Should Teach Daughters How to get along well with other girls.

Face it; girls just wanna have fun, right? Yes, yes we do! Teach your daughter how to thrive among women. Teach her to speak kindly and befriend and compliment other girls. Help her listen, empower others, and avoid judging, too. It is so much better to lift others up than to tear others down. Girls should know that it isn’t about the quantity of your friends, but about the quality. Surround yourself with good ones.

Moms Should Teach Daughters To see food as fuel.

A healthy relationship with food is something that is important for all girls and women. Whether or not it’s intentional, moms teach their girls how to feel about food, plain and simple. If sugar and fat are what you dwell on, consider the message that sends. If you complain about the way you look, criticizing yourself with words such as “fat,” remember that she is watching you. There are several ways to help kids have a healthy relationship with food. Teach her to eat in moderation. Offer and encourage healthy foods. Help her realize how her body responds to nutritious food and set an example by eating healthy. Don’t set the precedent for her to view food as the enemy.

Moms Should Teach Daughters To enjoy being active.

Show her the benefits of exercise and how fun it is to be active. We go easy on the television and iPad and spend time outside in the yard, taking bike rides, and swimming. In the evenings when it’s possible, I get fit by walking for a workout. During the cooler months, we take indoor swim lessons and visit gyms and indoor places where the kids can jump on trampolines and burn off energy. Encourage an active lifestyle and it’s likely she’ll appreciate the power of exercise for a lifetime.

Moms Should Teach Daughters To embrace Their potential.

Most of us have an inner voice telling us that the choice we make may be the path less traveled — and that is intimidating. Your daughter’s future is limitless, so help her get over her fears and don’t bring her down. Tell her that she can do anything with the right attitude, efforts, and resources. Encourage her to always try — and reiterate that failing is inevitable and it is OKAY! Try

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to push aside your own fears so they don’t seep into her dreams for her future and hold her back. Support her and be her biggest cheerleader so she will reach for the stars.

Moms Should Teach Daughters To know Their (and others’) worth.

I’ve seen the meme that says “Treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO” floating around on Facebook, and, man, do I love it! Treat others nicely. They are worth your time and respect no matter what they have or don’t have. Know your own worth, too. Don’t settle for being treated poorly by anyone ever.

Moms have a really important job — and this is one of them. We work hard to instill what we believe is important in our daughters. We hope we will make a positive and powerful difference in who they are and the women they become. I want my daughter to know that she made me who I am today, too. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for all that she has already taught me.

What important things do you think moms should teach daughters in life?

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