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As you celebrate the New Year, take a moment to learn about Mumbling Mommy’s current charity. From January through March, we are spotlighting Childcare Worldwide Charity. This is a child sponsorship organization that also sends its own Ugandan Children’s Choir to perform around the United States. Mumbling Mommy’s managing editor, Rachael, got the chance to see the choir when it was in the St. Louis area last fall, and it was a memorable evening! Here are a few brief facts from Childcare Worldwide’s website:

A child in Haiti who receives services through Childcare Worldwide.


  • Founded in 1981, Childcare Worldwide is a Christian child sponsorship organization that provides food, water, medical care, and education to impoverished children around the world. They also offer trade school education so program participants can find employment.
  • Staff in each country are all national professionals, helping to maximize programs’ effectiveness within each culture.
  • Childcare Worldwide’s Christian Character Building program focuses on “developing strong ethical, moral, and leadership qualities” and emphasizes “resisting corruption, which enables our young men and women to fight against the leading cause of poverty in their culture as young adults.”


A family in Uganda receives a Critical Care Pack with staple food items.


  • Childcare Worldwide charity sends its Ugandan Children’s Choir to perform all over the United States. Each choir is composed of 10 sponsored children from the poorest areas of Uganda. The children share traditional songs and dances, play instruments, and wear their country’s traditional clothing. Check their website to find a free choir performance near you.
  • Learn more about child sponsorship and ways to give here.

Editors’ Note: Mumbling Mommy supports charities that have an overall four-star rating at charitynavigator.org.

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