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We visit our local library a couple times a week for story time and get some great craft ideas there. During November, we made a fall craft that looked like corn on the cob, and we used Legos dipped in paint to create the corn kernels. There are a lot of directed Lego learning activities you can do with your kids, and this craft gave me an idea for a fun and simple Lego Christmas tree stamping craft.

Lego Christmas Tree Stamping Craft

You need two sheets of white paper per child (one for a Christmas tree and one as the backdrop), glue, a brown crayon, Legos, and paint (your choice of colors) to make the Christmas tree “ornaments” on your tree.

I cut out a paper Christmas tree and let my daughter glue it to the other sheet of white paper. I drew a brown line with a crayon for the Christmas tree trunk and let her color below the line. Then she dipped a Lego in some paint I had

My daughter using a Lego to stamp
on Christmas tree “ornaments.”

poured onto a paper plate, and she pressed the Lego against the paper in several places to make “ornaments” on the tree.

Give the paint some time to dry and display the Christmas tree on your refrigerator. My daughter is so proud of hers!

This craft is super easy and cute, and it likely can be done with things you already have in your home. An alternative idea would be to get large sheets of paper or a plain brown bag and use Legos as stamps to make homemade wrapping paper or gift bags!

We love going out and enjoying fun and affordable family Christmas activities, but sometimes staying home and crafting is nice. Hope you enjoy this Christmas craft as much as we did.


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