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Free art projects are always fun. Especially projects the kids can help with. My college friend Daniel Swartz, an artist, created this neat free printable nativity scene, and my daughters and I put it together the other evening. My older daughter likes to hoard collect homemade paper dolls of all sorts, so this project was right up her alley.

If you’d like to make this project, too, go here to print the scene. You’ll need five sheets of cardstock. Paper works, but it will be more flimsy.

Free Printable Nativity Scene

Printed and ready to cut and assemble.

You’ll also need a good pair of scissors, or a craft knife if you want to be sophisticated, along with double-sided tape or glue. (We used double-sided tape to make the people and animals, and I used a little regular Scotch tape on some parts of the stable.)

Simply follow the directions on each page. The stable might be slightly complicated for younger kids to assemble, so that’s a good project for grownups, but my 7-year-old daughter was able to cut and assemble many of the people figures entirely on her own.

Hard at work.
The finished project!

If you make this nativity scene, Daniel would love to see it. Post a picture of the completed set to Instagram and tag him @swartzagram and #papernativity. On Facebook, use the tag #papernativity.

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