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These fall sensory bins are a fun way for your kids to learn and play.

This time of year is a blast as a parent. It seems that there is no shortage of fun things to do with kids — many of them right outside. Yes, there are a lot of things to love about fall time. It’s a great time for children to explore and learn by simply taking walks and playing in the yard. By getting outside, you can combine some fresh air and learning.

This weekend, we took some large Halloween bins and collected different types of leaves, twigs, and gumballs (the prickly brown balls from sweet gum trees). This provided the perfect opportunity to not only let the kids run and play freely but also to learn. No matter what the season, there are countless reasons why sensory play is important for child development, and fall is the perfect season to explore with sensory play.

Walking outside, we talked about the seasons. In my house, the kids have really enjoyed the last month or two — seeing the transition from summer into fall and watching the leaves change to various hues of orange, gold, yellow, and red. Because we take the time each day to notice the leaves on the trees, we now know that the number of leaves in our yard grow and the leaves on the trees are numbered.

Fall Sensory Bins
Sorting our collection.

Creating our Fall Sensory Bins

We  sorted the leaves and other things that we found outside. Then we compared items by size, texture, and color. Since we had quite a variety, it was fun to compare items. We found that out of what we collected, the red leaves were smooth and the orange leaves were dry, and we could crunch each leaf into pieces if we squeezed them in our hands. Because the prickly balls were — well, prickly — and sharp, we were able to connect the sense of touch with natural surroundings. In the end, this fall sensory bin was a really great way to have fun with nature.

After we finished our project, the kids wanted to do it again! I’d say this fall sensory bin was easy, fun, and a success! While there are a lot of “academic” ways to experience fall, hands-on play is so important for children.

How do you teach your kids about the seasons?

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