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After the fun-filled days of summer, it isn’t always easy to put away the beach chairs and sprinklers. Take a look at these six ways to prepare for preschool or transition smoothly to elementary school. These back to school tips will make the hassle of preparing, much easier.

Back to School Tips

Help children fit in.

By this, I mean find out if there is a dress code so your student is dressed appropriately. Obtain supply lists so you are able to purchase all of the required clothing, backpacks, and supplies in advance. Last-second shopping leads to anxiety during an already overwhelming time.

Talk to your child.

Listen to your children. What are their fears? Listen with empathy. Children will open up and share. Remember that it’s okay as a parent to experience separation anxiety, too. Just remember as the adult to take the lead and not burden your children with your worries and sadness.

Adjust to the new routine in advance.

It’s time to go ahead and ease into the schedule of the school year. Start by moving bedtime to an earlier hour so your child doesn’t start the school year exhausted. Talk with your child about all of the fun things she will get to learn and the friends she’ll see and meet. Reassure an anxious child that all children feel nervous about starting school, but reiterate that he will have a good time once he is there.

Max trying on his backpack
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Get yourself organized.

Prepare for the school year. If you have paperwork to complete, don’t wait until the last minute. Have any immunization records handy so you don’t panic when they’re needed. Get the family calendar out and jot down dates to visit the classroom and meet the teacher and any other important dates so there are no surprises.

Establish a policy of preparing the night before school. We always pick out the next day’s outfit, pack the backpack, and make sure the lunch box is full, too. It will make the morning routine much simpler and save time.

Plan meals.

Think outside of the box to come up with healthy and easy ideas for school lunches. Gather what you need on the weekends so that weekday life is much less stressful. Use cookie cutters to make sandwiches into animals or interesting shapes. Select baked chips and steer clear of items with transfats in them, such as most packaged cookies and regular chips. Choose 1% or fat-free milk. Make fruit more fun to eat by cutting it into slices. Children may appreciate a surprise message (if they can read) or a fun picture in their lunchboxes.

Prepare in advance for homework.

Delegate a time and place to study at home. A set routine will make it easier for your child to be organized and successful. Set up a quiet place with a good surface for homework. Keep the dedicated place for homework and encourage students to complete assignments on time. During homework time, limit any distractions such as the Internet, television, or phone calls. If your child is too little to have homework, it is still a good idea to review schoolwork from the day and practice writing, coloring, and other home-based activities for your preschoolers.

It is important to plan ahead for the school year and, as a parent, lead in a way that makes your children feel comfortable. They’ll take cues from you – so stay calm, optimistic, and supportive so your children feel happy and confident.

How do you prepare for back-to-school? Any back to school tips you would add to the list?

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