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Your fun summer vacation may be right around the corner … and if you don’t act quickly, those memories may fade away with the hustle and bustle of life. The memories from those precious vacations can last if you take some time to preserve vacation memories. Here are six original non-scrapbooks ways to never forget those moments worth remembering.

Preserve Vacation Memories

1. Mail yourself a postcard from each vacation destination you visit.

Preserve vacation memories by remembering to include the dates of the trip and the exact name of the place you visited. This is a fun and inexpensive way to remember the trip. Even if you plan to enjoy an inexpensive and simple family vacation, the kids will still get a kick out of seeing a postcard in your mailbox when you get home!

2. If you take a beach trip, make it a tradition to take a picture of every child with his or her name written in the sand.

If there’s room, add the year, too. The sunlight is best in the morning and evening. Photographs in the middle of the day are typically too harsh (and lead to shadows and squinting eyes).

3. Buy a Christmas ornament while on vacation. Most touristy locations will have stores selling every keepsake that comes to mind. As you peruse the store, check out the Christmas ornaments and pick a family favorite. Each year when you decorate the tree, you can check out ornaments from your past vacations and remember all of the fun places you’ve visited over the years.

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4. Each night of the trip, write the details of the day down in a travel journal.

The kids can share their favorite memories of the day, too. Write down the names of restaurants where you ate and even the foods you ordered.

5. Use binders and page protectors to collect souvenirs.

Post-It notes are a perfect way to add captions. You could add things like napkins from favorite restaurants that you dined in or brochures from an amusement part you enjoyed. Use scrapbook glue to ensure preservation.

6. Dedicate a space in your home such as a hallway or wall as your vacation memory spot.

Pick up frames and fill them with your favorite shots from each trip. Keep adding to the vacation spot after each trip and watch the collection grow. In our home, we have framed pictures from vacations we took, including a trip to Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, and Rhode Island.

One more tip: Always take at least five pictures each day. At the time, this may seem like a mundane chore, but I promise once you get home, you will be so happy you have those photographs. What are some other ways you preserve vacation memories?

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