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Recently I was asked to read and review a book by Teresa Tapp with Barbara Smalley called “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.” As a fitness-loving mom, I am always looking for new routines and new ways to improve my health so I of course welcomed the opportunity for a fit and fabulous workout, with open arms.This isn’t your normal workout. What’s different about the T-Tapp ™ Workout? According to her website, Teresa Tapp describes the T-Tapp ™ Workout as “a groundbreaking at-home fitness program that has workouts ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Each movement utilizes 5-7 major muscles so that you work smarter not harder and can even lose a dress size within 2 weeks.

What I Like About the T-Tapp™ Fit and Fabulous Workout:

The workout is set up on more of a holistic level. Being “Fit and Fabulous” isn’t about losing physical pounds but rather toning and losing inches. On top of that, there is a big focus on form, breathing correctly, and hydration before, during, and after the workout.

The workout takes a realistic approach to healthy nutrition. They call this the “God-Made, Man-Made Food Plan.” One of my biggest pet peeves is watching women spend hours in the gym trying to get into shape only to over indulge in desserts, wine, fast food and the likes. The T-Tapp ™ Workout focuses on good, clean, healthy eating but allows for those favorite treats, within reason, every third day.

This is a very relaxing workout. This isn’t a super easy workout or something to be confused with downtime. The best way I can describe it is that anyone who has ever broken a sweat doing yoga will understand. It does NOT take a lot of cardio to get a good workout in, increase endorphin hormones, and make an impact.

There are NO crunches. Seriously, you can tone your body and abs without having to do a single crunch or sit up and without having to plank for minutes on end! This is not a gimmick. There are so many other ways to work those core muscles. The T-Tapp ™ Workout makes good use of them.

What I Don’t Like About the T-Tapp ™ Workout:

It seems a little outdated. The book discusses the anti-aging benefits of the workout as well as the origination of it as being a few decades old now. This doesn’t necessarily mean the workout isn’t good (See above!), but for younger generations like myself, the graphics and accompanying DVD could use a bit more excitement and energy.I like a good hard work out. Like I mentioned above, this workout is pretty relaxing. Effective and endorphin-building, yes, but I’m a runner. I like the feeling of pounding the pavement, putting more miles on my shoes, pushing my body so hard that it’s truly my mental strength keeping me going. The T-Tapp ™ Workout doesn’t give me that. I will most definitely use it in combination with other workouts I find enjoyable, but I don’t think I could use this as my only source of fitness.Overall, I am really impressed with the information available in the book and the concept of how this workout works. I cannot share any personal testimonials like the “lose up to 2 sizes in 4 weeks” claim on the front of the book. I believe it to be true but can’t speak from experience simply because I am already at a very healthy weight and size and it wouldn’t work for me to drop sizes or pounds.

Are you on board with trying out a new fit and fabulous workout? Try the T-Tapp ™ Workout and let me know how it goes in the comments.

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