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Father’s Day is right around the corner. Again, the ever-pressing questions presents itself: “What should we get and/or make for daddy?” Begin the fathers day crafts idea reel.

I know what my husband would like the very most: something special and handmade from the children. A homemade present or two are great ways to show your husband that you care and that he is appreciated. Personally, I love anything that has handprints and footprints, so I gravitate toward crafts and presents that include those tiny replicas of my children.Here are five Fathers Day crafts ideas that dad will love.

Fathers Day Crafts

Footprint craft.

This is my very favorite and I saw it on eventshereandthere.com! You need one piece of paper, paint or stamp pads, and a pen. Use paint or stamps to make two footprints on opposite sides of the paper. In the middle, write the Footprints poem: “Walk a little slower please,” said a child so small. “I’m following in your footsteps, and I don’t want to fall. Sometimes your steps are super fast, sometimes they are hard to see. Someday when I’m all grown up, it’s YOU I want to be; then I will have a little child who will want to follow me.”

Cute hand card.

All you need is glue, scissors, a marker, a pencil, and colored paper to make a hand card for dad. Trace your child’s left and right hands. Write “I love you” on one of the hands. Cut a two-inch-wide strip long enough to fold into eleven spaces. Write “this much” across the folds. Sit the folded piece of paper between the two hands, ensuring the hands are placed so they touch each other when the card is closed. Glue the strip between the two hands and you and the kids have made the perfect Father’s Day card for the dad in your life.

“You’re the best, hands down” framed paper.

Start with a solid piece of paper. Use paint or stamps to put two handprints on the paper. Turn the

Photo via 3squeezes blogspot paper upside down so the hands are facing down. Write “You’re the best dad, hands down” on the paper. Include your child’s age, the date, and a handwritten signature (if possible). A picture of the child is always a bonus, and if you can mat and frame it, you’ll score big with dad.

World’s Greatest Dad Book.

Gather six pieces of paper. Punch three holes in all six pages and connect with yarn to make a book. Title the book “Five Things We Love About Dad.” On each of the next five pages, include your children’s most favorite things about their dad.

Father’s Day Survey for the Kids.

I found this fun Father’s Day survey online and thought that it was perfect and would be a great present for my husband. My kids had a lot of fun telling me their thoughts about daddy (and they made me smile). I know my husband will love it, too!

Father’s Day presents don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Let your children get involved and they will have a great time making sweet and special presents for their dad – meaningful presents that he will cherish.

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