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This month, the movie 50 Shades of Grey was released with much controversy. A simple Google search will give you all the details. I’m staying out of it. It reminded me, though, about mommy wars: a battle roy-al about literally everything. Mommy wars started on hot topic forums when someone would ask, “Who’s better: stay-at-home moms or working moms?” Then social media came along and moms actually started using social media (Remember when Facebook was just for college kids? Ah, those were the days … ). Moms began overstepping natural boundaries and feeling as if the way they parent is the best way to do it. They also feel that sharing this with everyone they have ever associated with is okay and acceptable. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not.One of my favorite bloggers, January Harshe, talks about the detriment social media is to motherhood on her own blog here. I would quote my favorite lines from her piece, but seriously, the whole thing is just to0 good and I’d probably end up infringing on copyright laws by sharing too much! Take a quick break and read it when you’re done here. You won’t regret it.

So with all of the most recent controversy, here it is: an overwhelming list of things moms fight about. Many of these topics are much to my surprise and few have any reasonable explanation. These are in no particular order, although I’ll start with the number one thing on everyone’s minds lately:

Mommy Wars

  1. 50 Shades of Grey
  2. Potty training
  3. Diapering
  4. Nursing in public
  5. Feeding babies
  6. Car seats
  7. Yoga pants
  8. Sleeping arrangements
  9. Spanking
  10. Babywearing
  11. Working outside the home
  12. Drinking while nursing
  13. Exercising after baby
  14. Where to deliver babies
  15. Who to deliver the babies
  16. How to deliver babies
  17. Cord clamping
  18. Cord blood banking
  19. Preschool
  20. School choice
  21. Bullying
  22. Screen time
  23. Disney Princesses
  24. Bottle propping
  25. Donating/buying breastmilk
  26. Vaccines
  27. School-age activities (Girl Scouts, sports, etc.)
  28. Santa Claus
  29. Pacifiers
  30. Medications (or lack of) to use during birth
  31. Crying it out
  32. How many children to have
  33. Wearing maternity clothes
  34. Buying lunch at school
  35. Homemade baby food
  36. Weaning a nursing baby
  37. Circumcision
  38. Ear piercing
  39. Taking newborns out in public
  40. Baby showers
  41. Age gap between kids
  42. Single parenting
  43. Abortion
  44. Same-gender parents
  45. Sharing baby pictures on social media
  46. Adoption
  47. Infertility treatments
  48. Kids and pets
  49. Wearing makeup
  50. Parents’ sex life

To sum it up, what works for one family is not guaranteed and probably not even a little bit likely to work for another family. If it’s not a topic you’d bring up at your next mommy group potluck, maybe don’t bring it up on Facebook either. If anything on this list seems a little silly, maybe it’s time to realize that actually everything on this list is silly and most definitely nothing to fight about. It’s about time we all grow up and act like the adults that we actually are.

 What kinds of mommy wars have you partaken in? Did you quickly make amends? 
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