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If you have toddlers and preschoolers at home, you know they love to play games. Plus, playing board games has several benefits. If your kids aren’t quite ready for Candy Land, they can reap most of those benefits in this simple-to-follow and engaging game. We have already been playing this Valentine game at our home as we await Valentine’s Day, and it has been a big hit. Bonus: I put it together pretty quickly!

Valentine Game Directions:

To create the Heart Valentine Game, you need some sheets of construction paper, scissors and a pen. We used red

First, cut out several hearts.

polka dot construction paper to make the hearts, but any thick paper will work.

First, cut the paper into heart shapes. I used the old trick of folding the paper in half and cutting half of the heart so when you open the paper, the heart is symmetrical. Cut as many hearts as you would like to use as “cards.”

Once you have several hearts cut out, write down some simple commands that will encourage your children to talk, use their gross motor skills and laugh. Then take turns picking up a card and doing what it says.

Here are some of the phrases I wrote on the cards:

Write some phrases that will encourage
your children to learn and
have fun!
  • Count backward from five down to one, and blast off like a space ship.
  • Do five jumping jacks.
  • Fly like a bird!
  • Make a heart shape with your hands (by putting your thumbs together, then the tips of your other four fingers together).
  • Tell us who you love.

Another cute craft you and your children can make this Valentine’s Day is the love button. You just need construction paper and a variety of different-sized buttons that are red, pink and white. Glue those to a paper in the shape of a heart and write a message for the recipient.

I hope your Valentine’s Day brings you love and happiness with those you hold closest to your heart. Feel free to comment and share a fun Valentine game or craft with us.


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