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During the winter months, we have to think outside of the box for ideas of fun things to do and make sure that the days stuck indoors are still days where I choose to enjoy every single moment with my kids. My children love crafts, and as someone who isn’t super artsy, I appreciate crafts that are simple and cute. Take a look at these three fun and easy toilet paper roll crafts you and your children can make make with empty toilet paper rolls and other things you probably have in your house.

Our finished snowmen!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts


For each snowman you want to make, you need one empty toilet paper roll. You also need markers, white, blue and black construction paper, scissors and glue. Buttons are optional.

Cover the roll in white paper securing starting end and the other end with glue.  Cut a paper strip to make a hat and securing start and end with tape or glue. Secure scarf. Add face with a marker or use orange construction paper to cut out a carrot nose.  Real buttons add cute decoration to the snowman, too.

Princess or Birthday Crown.

To make the crown, you need a toilet paper roll per crown, stickers, pompoms, glue, ribbons and stickers.

Start by cutting the top of the toilet paper roll into little points like the top of a crown. Then cut holes towards the opposite end of the toilet paper roll and put thin ribbon through to make the adjustable

My daughter modeling her princess crown.

chinstrap.  To complete the crown, we decorated it with sticks and used glue to stick small craft pompoms around the empty toilet paper roll.  You could also pull out markers and let you child go to town! The options are endless.


It’s easy to make some toilet paper binoculars. You just need two empty toilet paper rolls, colored construction paper or paper your children have colored on (enough to cover two empty toilet paper rolls), a stapler or glue, scissors and ribbon.

Start by wrapping both empty rolls with paper and staple to
secure. Then staple or glue the two covered rolls together side by side like binoculars. Last, cut small holes on the exterior of the rolls and string ribbon through to make some fun and stylish binoculars.

I hope these crafts prove to be ones that spark your children’s imaginations and bring some excitement to the chilly winter days.

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