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Have you noticed the explosion of red hearts at your local Target? Yep, that’s right. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For many married couples, this is a once-a-year reminder to show each other extra love. I’m here to tell you, Valentine’s Day needs to be every day. Every week. Every month. For our marriages to stay strong, supportive and loving, we have to show our spouses that extra love every day. Am I saying to buy Cupid boxers every day? No. But there are little things you can do to show your husband you care:

Show Your Husband You Care By…

  • Match your bra and underwear. I’m not even kidding. I never used to care about this. For the last 10 years I’ve worn whatever bra was comfortable (including maternity bras and nursing bras!) and matched them with whatever pair of panties I first grabbed. Ladies, listen up. Your husbands DO notice what is under your clothes. Matching these things is not complicated. I still have mostly neutral bras. I don’t have expensive undergarment sets or uncomfortable super padded push up bras or anything. But when I wear black polka dotted underwear, I remember to put on my black bra. Or when I  wear the nude-colored hipster bottoms, I grab the nude-colored bra to go with it. It is really, really simple. And it drives my husband WILD.
  • Kiss him for no reason. Waking up, heading out the door, getting home from work, and going to bed are not the only times you should kiss your husband. When he’s cooking dinner, sneak up behind him and kiss. During commercials while watching Survivor? Start making out. Show the man some affection. I often hear parents worried about showing this affection in front of their kids. What exactly are you afraid of? That they’ll learn what it’s like to love.
  • Surprise him with little love letters. This will take slightly more effort, but it’s well worth it. Try using a dry erase marker to draw hearts on his side of the mirror in the bathroom. How about a Post-it note on his pillow? Does he take his lunch to work each day? Sneak in a short “You rock my world, handsome.” If you aren’t that good with words, steal some song lyrics. Another option is to check out my new favorite blog, The Dating Divas.

I can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband because we are working hard on handmade surprises for each other. We are really putting the caring effort into it this year instead of just going through the motions, but our affection won’t just stop and start with a holiday. We are in this for the long haul. Are you?

How do you show your husband you care everyday? 

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