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As we approach Valentine’s Day, we start seeking those special gifts to buy for our loved ones. The problem is that there is no gift that money can buy that can show exactly how much we love someone, and it’s even worse when we’re on a budget. So what cheap Valentine’s Day gifts do you buy them?

The good thing is that sentimental value is worth a lot more than money, so there is help at hand. Here are my top five romantic cheap Valentine’s Day gifts you can buy, which show your love, without breaking the bank.

Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts

Seek the Talents Within.

What are you good at doing? Do you knit, paint, write music? Why not use your specific talents to give him a gift that he’ll never forget? Paint a picture for him, even cook a really special meal or make delicious banana and chocolate chip muffins, and he will appreciate your creativity and individuality. It may be low cost, but it will be super special.

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Plan a Low-cost Day Out.

They say that the best thing you can give someone is your time. In a busy world, sometimes there is no better “I love you” than to turn your electronic devices off and give your undivided attention for the day. This doesn’t have to come at a financial burden; you can go to the park or the beach (depending on where you live). Treat him to an ice cream or fish and chips. You could choose a free art gallery or museum if you’re after a bit of culture, or go out for a romantic picnic.

Showcase Your Romantic Photos.

Showcasing the memories that are important to you can be one of the best gestures of love. You can choose all the important photos of both of you and put them into a book for him. Go through your photo archives and print the best shots – maybe telling a story along the way. Scrapbooking can be a cost-effective way to do this and there are several styles and ideas to work with. If you don’t have a good printer, you can get them printed in a print shop or creating a photo book online isn’t too expensive. This gives you a great opportunity to use your creativity and show him how much you love him.

 Make a Canvas.

Does your man have a particular design or photo that he really loves? You can get a personalized design printed onto canvas to stylishly hang on his wall. You might want to choose a photo of the two of you, the family, or even him with his favourite football player. There are a number of companies both online and offline that can do this inexpensively.

Create a CD.

Think about all of the songs and music you have enjoyed listening to together. Some hold a special place in both of your hearts – something from your first date, what was playing during your first kiss, or something you both listened to in your youth. Almost anyone with a computer can buy a blank CD and make a special compilation CD. Print a photo or craft your own design for the cover and write a romantic message inside.

Buying a Valentines gift doesn’t have to break the budget. The most important thing is to show that you’ve put thought into what you are giving, to make it really special and unique.

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