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My soon-to-be seven-month-old has been rolling over from back to front and front to back for quite some time now. However, he has just started to do something very obnoxious. He is rolling from back to front in his crib. This is obnoxious because he disdains his belly. Therefore, when he rolls to it while sleeping, he’s so upset that he can’t even think straight! So instead of rolling back, which he can do, he cries.


It is lovely when it ends a nap that normally lasts several hours, so that instead naps last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

It is really lovely in the middle of the night.

Rolling Over Woes

One night he did this non-stop for an hour. After ten times, I literally lost count of how many times I went into his room to roll him back over. Once I even left his room, got to mine, crawled in bed, looked at the video monitor to see him already back to his belly. WHHHHYYYY???

Why doesn’t he just FLIP OVER?! Why does he instead choose to cry for help?

Hmmmm … Isn’t that just like me? How many times do I choose to cry, whine, or complain about something that I can easily fix? Take, for example, my busy, hectic schedule. Instead of whining about it, why don’t I take action and say “no” to some things? Instead of complaining about my husband to my friends, why don’t I just talk to him about the problem? Instead of grumbling at the mess my kids made, why don’t I use this as a teaching moment to help clean it up?

In life we can be that person who always complains and never does anything, or we can be the person who people want to be around. I want to be the person who takes the chaos of life and makes solutions, not the one who cries about being on his belly when he can clearly just roll over.

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