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Creating a calming and beautiful space for your newborn baby is something most parents dream about. Magazines and websites and Pinterest posts just overflow with breathtaking images of ALL the things you can do with a baby’s nursery. And with nine months of  planning, even sometimes from the [un]comfort of bedrest, it can become overwhelming. What  happens, though, if you are on a tight budget? Can you still decorate a nursery that holds up to Martha Stewart’s standards? Here are my best tips for decorating a nursery on a budget:

Nursery On A Budget

1. Stick with separates:

Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on a “crib in a bag” set, buy only the pieces you need, like fitted sheets. This will give you the option of mixing and matching also. Since the bumper pads and crib comforter that come with the bedding set are likely to never be used anyway, this will save you money. Pick patterns and colors that set the theme for the room or bring elements from many of your favorite pieces together.

2. Make your own wall décor: Have you ever searched for nursery decorations on Etsy? Take my advice: don’t. There are simply too many things to spend money on. Your baby’s nursery does not need all of that. Find a few basic things and either try to replicate with your own version or use your budget wisely by finding the best deal on the must-haves. Check out Pinterest for plenty of DIY projects.



3. Get creative with furniture: Try an inexpensive cube organizer with canvas bins to take the place of a dresser and/or toy box. Or opt for a dresser/changing table combo to take up less space and keep cash in your pockets. Make bookshelves out of old milk crates or plastic ones you can buy at most dollar stores. Furniture will be your biggest expense when trying to decorate a nursery on a budget, which means it will also be your biggest place to save money.


4. Just skip it all together: With many parents leaning toward more natural ways of parenting, skipping a baby nursery altogether would be the ultimate savings. There is a lot to be said about having your own space as your baby gets older, but using a co-sleeper or bassinet and just letting baby share your room in the beginning could save you from spending money now when you’ll likely be redecorating again by the time baby is 5 years old.


5. Use discount and outlet stores: I assure you your baby will have no idea how much money you spent decorating his nursery. Do not compromise quality for price, but do make sure to shop around and compare your options. Websites like Zulily and diapers.com have many of the name brands at better discounts.

Finding ways to save money on decorating a baby nursery is a great way to start this new journey into parenthood. Plus, you’ll need that savings when it comes to diapers.

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