Lori Lori is a work-at-home mom of three living in Noblesville, Indiana.

I thought it would be a good time to write a letter to my kids and tell them exactly why I love being their mommy.

A Letter To My Kids

Dear Babies,

My job as a mother is not something I take lightly. I’m lucky to have you both! Being a mom isn’t like an 8-5 job. I don’t clock in when things are smooth sailing and clock out when the going gets tough. Being your mom means that from the moment you were born, until the moment I take my last breath, I have a job — and it’s one that I will always cherish and never, not even for a single moment, take for granted.

As your mother, of course, I feel I have a lot of things to say. Where to begin? First off, I love to spend my days with you. This time is so precious, and goes by so quickly. I love your hugs and kisses. I love when you cook for me in your play kitchen. I love when you pull the kitchen chair over to help me do the dishes, splashing water all over the counters. I love how you make my life more joyful. I love your laughter.

As your mother, I balk at your bravery. My son, I am amazed at your excitement, that at the young age of three, you headed off to preschool, a new place where you didn’t know a single person. I didn’t even have to help you get ready for preschool; it was just what you needed to help you blossom. You were more brave than I was! My daughter, I smile as you say hello to another little girl at the library, because you want to make new friends. Mommy was that way when she was little, too.

My son at his 4th birthday party with his friend, Ben.
Where does the time go?

As your mother, I wish I could freeze time so you two wouldn’t get any bigger, yet I know that’s not possible. Honestly, as much as I want you to stay just how you are right now, I also truly love to see you grow and learn. Every stage you are in I think I can’t love you any more — yet somehow, I love you more each and every day.

As your mother, there will be times when I don’t agree with your decisions, but I want you to know you can tell me anything. I will never make you feel guilty. I will not judge you. I will not shame you. I am always here for you.

As your mother, my job is to encourage you to always work hard and to keep trying. You have to try and try again to succeed. In life, you will fail, but remember that you have to keep getting back up and trying again. Remember the days of practicing riding the scooter outside? Remember how you worked and worked to memorize your letters? You kept trying and you got it! The more times you try, the greater odds you have of success. And one thing is for sure: you, my dears, will succeed! You’re going to do big things!

As your mother, it’s my job to make you feel better when you’re scared. Those fireworks, they’re loud but they won’t hurt you. I was with you after you fell, twice in one week, and had to get stitches both times in your chin. I marveled at your bravery. I’m here for you, to give you a hug when someone hurts your feelings and help you say you’re sorry when you have hurt someone else. Your pain is my pain. I’m so happy when you smile again. I am in awe of your ability to get back up and keep going.

As your mother, it’s not all cupcakes and rainbows. I have to handle your frustrations. Your tantrums, your yelling and whining – they are something I have to cope with and remember that some of the things you do are things that mommy probably did when she was a child. I tell you to calm down and apologize. As your mom, (most of the time) I am strong — I have to be. There are times when I lose my cool, and when that happens, it is my turn to apologize. Thanks for forgiving me.

As your mom, I don’t know the secrets to raising a happy child. But I do know that there is nothing more contagious than your proud smile and your laughter after you built the biggest Lego tower of your life, or your excitement after your

Talking with my babies.
Photo by Allison Laine Photography.

hippo ate the most balls in the Hungry, Hungry Hippos game. I love hearing your little voices, “I did it mommy! I did it!”  It’s pretty simple: when you are happy, I am happy. No matter where life takes you, no matter how great your accomplishments are – none of that will mean more to me than your happiness.

As your mom, you always have an advocate in me. When the man at The Children’s Museum yelled at you for pushing your train over the side of the tracks, crashing onto the floor, I was there for you, in full-on-Mama-Bear-mode, to tell this angry man that you are just a child. You weren’t hurting anything — you just don’t always play the way other children play. He didn’t need to stare at you and me, glaring at us, judging the both of us. There will be people in life who want to take their frustrations out on you, and I am sorry about that. That’s an entirely different story, though. Just know that I will always stick up for you, and teach you how to stick up for yourself.

As your mother, I can’t forget to thank you. Thank you for showing me what it is ike to forgive easily and think the best of people. Thank you for the daily reminders to smile and laugh often, to not sweat the small stuff. I love you and no matter where life takes you, I’ll always be here to cheer you on. I love you, babies. Thank you for being you.

I’m happy for writing a letter to my kids. Have you ever done the same? Did it look like my letter to my kids? How was it different than my letter to my kids?
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