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So you are having a baby. You find out the gender. Next comes baby naming. For my first three children, the names came fairly easily and well before their due dates. However, when our .02% Miracle Baby was making his way into this world, his name was HARD. Granted this may be because I was in denial that this was really happening until I was about nine months pregnant, but regardless, it wasn’t coming easy.

Baby Naming

Like most couples, we tossed around many names but never did agree. So I did what most people do: we scoured the Internet. We found possibilities but nothing we loved. My friend gave me her baby name book. In it I found many interesting names. I would text them to her as possibilities and we would “lol.” Then I came across the name “Bacon.” Seriously, why on earth is “bacon” in a baby name book? Does this mean someone at some point has named their baby Bacon? Where do these books come from? Do they get their names from real birth certificates? Surely not. Hopefully not!

Back to Bacon. Now that’s funny. I tell my other children, then ages 6 and 4, about the name Bacon. We all laugh hysterically. We continue the ridiculousness by calling out, “Bacon, it’s time for dinner!” or “Bacon, what would you like for breakfast?” I wish I could tell you it stopped there. But it didn’t. My husband comes home and the kids and I are dying at this name. He just blankly stares. Yep, the unborn child was now called “Baby Bacon.” Anytime someone would ask us what we were naming him, my daughter would ALWAYS reply “Baby Bacon.” After a while I stopped explaining and would just nod my head to agree. It was a lot more fun leaving people to wonder if we were serious.

Time was ticking and we didn’t have a name for this kid. For a planner like me, I was going crazy. After all, we had decorated his room with antique automobiles and I wanted one of those cool cut-up license plate name plates. Can’t happen without a name! It was January 26, and my husband overheard me telling someone we didn’t have a name for the baby yet. He got genuinely mad at me that I don’t know that we have agreed on a name. What?!?! Please tell me what we have agreed on! I would love to know! He told me Deacon Alexander. Yes! Finally he has given me an answer. I am so relieved!  At this point I made a post on FB but was careful not to reveal the name, feeling my husband just might change his mind.

Literally 30 minutes later on the way to dinner, Luke Bryan was playing on the radio and my son said, “I like the name Luke.” My husband agreed. Now the man who was furious that I didn’t know the baby’s name was Deacon has added “Luke” to the table … and they say girls are indecisive.

The day Baby Bacon became Lukas.

For the next seven weeks the baby naming remained “Baby Bacon” because we couldn’t decide between Lukas and Deacon. We tell ourselves, “No pressure. We will know when we see him.” This is what people told us anyway.

The day arrives and our little Bacon is done cooking and is a little porker at 8 pounds, 8 ounces. We look at him. CRAAAAP. Both names suit him. Now what? So we wait. It is day two and this poor kid is still being called Baby Bacon. We can’t agree. My daughter and I want Deacon. By this point, we are taking suggestions and ask my OB GYN, who agrees since he is a Wake Forest graduate. My husband and son want Lukas, and our doctor and friend agrees since he is Dr. Lucas. Time is running out. The office is calling us needing a name for the birth certificate. We are begging for five more minutes! What pressure! My son announces that since the baby is a boy, he agrees with the boys, so Baby Bacon becomes Lukas Alexander.

Truth be known, he is still lovingly called Bacon. Moral of the story: be prepared because you might not “know when you see him” when in the baby naming process.

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