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I’m revisiting a 6-year-old blog series I started when I was pregnant with my first child that talks about all of my favorite things in life that she has to look forward to. I’m now pregnant with my third, and approaching my due date, so I thought it might be a great time to reflect on those pre-kid writings and add in some of my seasoned mom wisdom. I started at 50 and am working my way down to zero. Today’s contribution is #49: Working for a Living.

Atop Tribune Tower, circa 2010 – a place I once worked

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

#49 —  Working for a Living

People say that work is the worst part of life here on earth, and that “everybody’s working for the weekend,” but if you can focus in on where you are the most talented and make the most difference, you will love to work.Just like everything in life, there will be ups and downs in your job. Somedays you will just want to quit it all, pack an overnight bag and run away to a remote island in the Pacific (don’t forget your cell phone, or whatever people are using by then, so your mother won’t worry). But other days, you will be able to bless your co-worker with a kind word when everything around her is going south… Or have your boss tell you that you have done a “great job” on a project that has had you pulling your hair out for weeks…. Or one of your ideas ends up changing your work environment, community or family for the better. Those are the days you will feel validated, empowered and ready for the next big thing.And if you find yourself in a situation where your job is not fufilling, but it is necessary, enjoy the people around you. If you work with customers, find out what is going on in their lives, and befriend them. If you are alone behind a desk all day, meet colleagues for lunch or a mid-day walk, and ask them about their lives. Believe me, when the time comes that you need loving people to surround you, your work family can fill that role.And no matter what your job, career or goals are in life, know that I support you. I believe in you! You are going to make a fantastic singer, actress, engineer, architect, surgeon, waitress, store clerk, writer, stay-at-home-mom, teacher, firefighter or city councilwoman (or all the above) someday.
The place I do a lot of work in 2014, our front porch

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#49 — Working for a Living

Now that I’ve had a few years to be a “working mom,” my views on work haven’t so much changed, as they have simply been enhanced. Yes, I still believe you should find work that fulfills you. Yes, I still believe that you should surround yourself with colleagues who can serve as a support system in addition to your family and non-work friends. Yes, you should find a way to enjoy even the jobs that you don’t necessarily want to do.

I’ll add this though — remember that your work is just a small part of who you are. It’s okay to find a lot of joy in working for a living, but make sure you still have a life too. You are just one person and can only do so much. Know your personal limits and be happy walking away from that work when the time is right — whether its for a three-day weekend, or for a decade because you’ve decided to stay home with your own kids (my grandkids!). You can work, and be a mom, and be a wife, and be a friend, and be an artist, all at once. Find joy in all of it, and don’t let any one thing define you.



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