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In early 2008, I was 50 days away from the due date of my first child, a little girl to be named Emilia Grace. I was working as a news assistant in the research department of a newspaper, after two years as a reporter at a much smaller publication. I was missing the daily writing assignments, so early on in my pregnancy I decided to launch my own blog, chronicling my journey in to first-time parenthood as a single mom. At that 50-day point, I decided to start a list of some of the most wonderful things about life my daughter had to look forward to — and I had a few guest bloggers weigh in as well. My goal was to complete the list of 50 just shy of her delivery. I thought it was fitting to mention on the 50th post, that sunshine is important to love in life.

Me at 7 months along, in 2008

I made it halfway. She was born three weeks early and my list of 50 was effectively cut in half. Since those writings over 6 years ago, a lot has obviously changed in my life, and in hers. I don’t work at that newspaper anymore, or the newspaper I worked at after that one. I’m married. My single child has become a sister to SIX others — with three step/half siblings at home, two more half-siblings who live an hour away, and one more half-sister who will be born in early November (realistically: late October). I don’t write on my original blog any longer, opting instead to chronicle family life here on Mumbling Mommy. But the URL is still live, and I revisit it often.

As I near the end of this third pregnancy, I decided to revisit those 25 posts and see how my thoughts may have changed over the years — and if I want my next one to know the same things, more, or less. So for the next 25 days, I will repost one of those original pieces from 2008, followed by my thoughts today. After that, I will finally finish the list with 25 other pieces — written mainly by me, with some input from friends and family too.

I have 63 days until my due date — this seems like a fitting way to count it down. So without further delay….

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

#50 — Sunshine

I have reached the 50-day countdown to my baby’s due date. Of course, she may decide to screw up all my plans and come early (on purpose, of course, haha) or be stubborn and stay in there longer than 40 weeks (in which case, I will be the whale-woman waddling through Wal-mart looking for more pillows)….Still, 50 seems like such an important number that I thought I would start a list leading up to her birth. I think I’ll call it, “50 things to love about life.” Sounds like an Oprah book club selection (maybe someday…), but I think it will be something she can read throughout her life and remember what things her mommy was thinking about in the days before meeting her. Thus….

#50: Sunshine. You will spend the beginning of your long life in an especially warm climate, compared to other locations you will probably reside. This makes you both lucky, and at a disadvantage, because you may not grow to appreciate the sunshine as much as the rest of the world. Ask Grandma Sally and Grandpa Bruce — when the last dreary days of March begin to fade in Northwest Indiana, and the flowers welcome the few hot months, just the feel of sunshine on your skin makes you glow. It’s why you see so many Hoosiers out in their flip-flops and T-shirts on a 50 degree day, throwing Frisbees or just sitting in a lawn chair watching the cars go by. It’s the promise of sunshine, and the positivity it emits.

But if you should find yourself snuggled up in a quilt, drinking hot chocolate and watching the icy snow blanket your front yard someday, enjoy it’s beauty — but remember that the sun will return soon, bringing color to your cheeks and warmth to your heart.


Monday, September 8, 2014
Taken on an early morning walk at 7 months along, in 2014

#50, Sunshine:

To my sweet baby number three — my third little girl, and my fifth child — thank you for arriving in the fall. Your sisters both entered the world just prior to the hottest months of the year, and were quickly indoctrinated to the Florida sunshine and the HEAT of Florida summers. In order to take them on walks in those early months, I had to get up before sunrise or wait until the relative cool of the evening to head outside. We saved our errands for those times of day too — because even with the air conditioning on full blast, the backseat of a car (with a rear-facing car seat) is no place for an infant during the sunny hours of a Florida summer. I learned these little tidbits in my first and second rounds as a mommy and I’m excited to see what new lessons I will learn with you.

I can’t wait to load you up in the stroller, alongside your two-year-old sister, and walk to pick up your siblings from school that last day before Thanksgiving break, a warm 70-something breeze greeting us along the winding sidewalk to the school grounds. There will still be plenty sunshine, and we will enjoy it together. By the time the bathing suit months are upon us, you will be a fully-fledged Florida girl — ready for the beach (and who am I kidding? We will probably hit up the beach on Christmas).

I still mean everything about sunshine that I told your big sister — but I’ll add one more thought. The storms are beautiful too. Enjoy it all, my love.

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