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Part of the reason I decided to revisit a six-year-plus blog series was to take a look at who I was — as a person and a writer — in my final pre-kid days. Today’s update is a great example of a snapshot of what my life looked like back then, and how much it has evolved since becoming a mom. Both periods of time were beautiful — but I prefer the “me” today. Here are some snapshots of loving rain.

Loving Rain

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#43 — Rain

Throughout your life, you will hear people groan about rainy days and all the reasons why the precipitation is ruining their plans. Even you may feel disdain when the dark clouds roll in on the day you were supposed to spend at the beach… But on other occasions, when you wake up on a Saturday morning to the sound of droplets hitting your window, you will be lulled back to sleep by the peaceful, methodic tapping. It will be in those moments that you wrap your blanket a little more tightly around your shoulders, squeeze your pillow a little harder and appreciate your warm shelter.

There is something soothing about seeing the water wash away the dirt, grime and drought that had been plaguing the area. There is a crispness to the air and a fresh take on the surroundings you see everyday. Something about the sheer inconvenience of an afternoon downpour is invigorating, and inspires you to slow down — whether you are driving, working or just looking out your back door — and reevaluate your day.

You will want to splash around in the puddles, and I hope that in the midst of our busy lives, I will always let you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#43: Rain

Ahhhh, re-reading the post I wrote for your oldest sister on this topic makes me realize how different my life was before I became a mom.

“When you wake up on a Saturday morning to the sound of droplets hitting your window, you will be lulled back to sleep by the peaceful, methodic tapping.”

Boy, those were the days. It isn’t very often that I wake up because of rain — more likely it is a crying toddler, a Kindergartner tapping me and telling me she is hungry or my phone alarm going off wayyyy too early so I can get up and get some work done before those other two things happen.

You know what though? I still love the rain and now I get to enjoy it with even more people. When the daily Atlantic storms roll in at the stroke of 2:45 p.m. (that’s school pickup time, by the way), I’m comforted in their cleansing power. When we are all together in our safe house, looking out the front window as sheets of rain cascade our driveway, I feel even more connected to one of my favorite weather phenomena than I ever did when I was that single gal, listening to the rain alone on Saturday mornings.

So here’s to loving rain — and all the rainy afternoons we get to spend together soon.

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