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I’m counting down to the birth of my third child by revisiting an blog series I wrote for my first child over six years ago. I’m looking again at the “50 Things to Love about Life” that I wrote for my first daughter — though I only got to 25 because she was born early. My plan is to update my thoughts on my original pieces and hopefully add those remaining 25. Today’s contribution includes why I love words.

Love Words

Saturday, March 29, 2008

#46 — Love Words


Whether you speak them, sing them or write them — words will make up your world. You may chose your words carefully, or just let them fly — or hopefully learn the best times to use a little of both styles. Regardless, the power of your words will be immeasurable. Use them. Use them wisely.

You will hear or read other people’s words and say, “I wish I could speak/write like that.” And people will remember conversations with you where your words impressed, hurt or changed them.

The truth is that actions won’t always speak louder than words. Sometimes there will be nothing that you can do to help a situation, but choose a few inspiring words. Other times, you will be at a loss for words, and these are times to just let them go — because maybe nothing that you could say will help.

And from your first word (hopefully “mama”??) to whatever will be your last, what you have to say will be important. Find the strength in the mundane conversations of everyday life, and write your voice fearlessly.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

#46 — Love Words

You will enter this world surrounded by words. As you start to develop your own sounds, you will have the small voices of four siblings to mimic. That may translate into some inappropriate things coming out of your little mouth but perhaps some profound, beautiful words will result too.

Your name means “little poet” but even if you never jot down a single poetic line, your life will have so much meaning. So use your life, your words to the fullest.
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