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Where I live in the Midwest, fall is right around the corner. While I love the warm summer months, I welcome the fall fun with all the activities it brings us. Whether you are enjoying fall in Florida, Texas or Indiana, fall brings lots of fun like football games and apple- and pumpkin-flavored drinks and snacks. Here are some ways to have fun this fall with your loved ones.

7 Ways To Have Fall Fun

Visit a local pumpkin patch with the entire family.
Enjoying the fall of 2013.

A quick search online can tell you where the nearest pumpkin patches are. Kids will love hayrides and corn mazes — and enjoy getting to choose their very own pumpkin (for mom or dad) to carve for the front porch. Don’t forget your camera!

Make an autumn-themed sensory box. 

Sensory boxes are simple to make, even for the less-than-crafty (like myself). Collect some fall-themed items of different sizes, colors, shapes and textures and wah-lah! Let your child explore.

Play fall games and make fall crafts. 

The Internet is full of sites with free coloring pages and easy-to-make monthly calendars. For some simple activities the kids will love this fall, don’t hesitate to check online.

Visit the library.

Take a trip to the library and look for books about fall and Halloween. This is a perfect way to teach your children about the seasons! We read about seasons all year long, my kids fell in love with a Sesame Street book that does a great job explaining the seasons. We also found some great books about Halloween; my children can’t stop talking about what they want to dress up as this year.

Jump in a pile of leaves.

If you live in an area that has enough falling leaves to make a big pile to jump in, do it! I have great memories of jumping in leaves as a child and my kids love it, too!

Enjoying Conner Prairie, a local interactive history park.

Collect colorful fall leaves and make a collage.

Take your kids out on a walk and let them gather fallen leaves to take back to your home. Using some glue, encourage your children to make a collage of leaves you can hang up and use as a decoration.

Go apple picking.

Nothing screams fall like apple picking! Find an apple orchard near your home and take the family out for an afternoon of fun. Many apple orchards where I live in the Midwest offer wagon rides through the orchard and shops with apple cider and other treats.


Fall is the perfect season to enjoy some seasonal snacks, teach your children about the season, and get out and enjoy time with your loved ones. Hope you have a good time with your family this fall! What are your favorite fall fun activities?

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