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As a stay at home mom (SAHM) you undoubtedly have your hands in many places. You live in a world where the needs of others are urgent and the breaks are few and far between. So why take on more? Well, we wouldn’t be SAHMs if that wasn’t our nature. Plus, life gets expensive.

So if you’re ready to tackle even more (and hopefully pad your bank account while doing so), here are 39 ways to make  money as a Stay at home mom:

Stay at Home Mom Money Findings

In the World of Food

1. Publish your recipes on pages like Subpages and Zujava

2. Start a food blog with your creations

3. Use Zazzle to create and sell your own recipe cards, aprons, and cutting boards

4. Publish an e-Cookbook

5. Sell your home-grown vegetables at a Farmer’s market

6. Start an online bakery

In the World of Arts

7.  Make homemade soap to sell on Etsy

8.  Buy and sell refurbished furniture on eBay

9.  Open an Etsy shop with your artwork

10. Sell logo designs on

11. Design T-shirts to sell on CafePress<

12. Sell handmade blankets and quilts on Etsy

13. Open a Zazzle store with unique wedding invitation collections

14. Sell vintage fashion items on eBay

15. Start your own fashion blog

16. Become a stylist for Stella & Dot

17. Sell make-up for Mary Kay

18. Sell handmade jewelry on Etsy

In the World of Education

19. Teach English to students around the world on sites like

20. Open an Etsy store and sell activity packs for kids

21. Sell your own curriculum on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers

22. Start a home-based preschool for other kids

23. Publish an ebook for kids

24. Start a YouTube channel to post online tutorials and lessons

25. Start a Mommy blog


In the World of Travel

26. Create postcards with your travel photography using Zazzle

27. Sell your travel photography images on

28. Start your own travel blog

In the World of Business

29. Start a family friendly franchise (Fit4Mom is a great option)

30. Use affiliate marketing techniques on Pinterest and Facebook

31. Be a virtual assistant on

32. Rent out part of your home on

33. Rent out your car for the day or week on RelayRides

34. Follow through with an invention and bring it to market


In the World of Writing

35. Publish your own articles on Zujava and Hubpages

36. Ghost write for small business owners on

37. Start your own blog

38. Publish an ebook

39. Blog on Bubblews


Being a SAHM is the most rewarding job in the world (even when it’s not), so we’re lucky to live in an age where we can support our family while also staying home with them. Hopefully you’ll be able to use one or more of the things on this list to make some extra money (or a whole income if you’re good at it!). Good luck!

Do you make money using other methods?  Let us know so we can add to the list!


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