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My seven-year-old stepson Ferris has it tough when it comes to siblings. He has a college-age older sister, and three younger sisters (ages 6, 5 and 2). His sole boy cousin lives 1,200 miles away from us in Chicago (and he’s only 1). So when Ferris found out his dad and I were expecting again, he thought it might FINALLY be his time to have a brother. What were the odds he could end up with another sister, anyway?

Surrounded by three of his four current sisters

Well… it turns out he probably shouldn’t be a professional gambler (or should he?) because we got word this week that he will soon be a brother to a FIFTH sister. Unsurprisingly, this is how he reacted:

Update: Since we recorded this video, Ferris has let us know that a sister will be okay and that he’d like for us to name her “Angie” because no one has that name.

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