Lori Lori is a work-at-home mom of three living in Noblesville, Indiana.

My son Max goes to elementary school, but he’s only 3. After he was in speech therapy through First Steps, Indiana’s speech therapy program, he qualified to begin an early childhood program at the elementary school he’ll attend once he reaches kindergarten. I found out only about six weeks before he began, so not only has he learned and grown a lot this year, I’ve also learned and grown alongside of him. Here are a few lessons for mom (me) I would like to share about this experience:

Lessons For Mom

Max watching anxiously
for the school bus!

Early intervention is wonderful.

I’m sure many states offer something, but we are so fortunate to have this early intervention in place. Max was picked up and brought home by the bus four days a week. He was in a classroom with a special education teacher and two assistants, as well as no more than 11 other students ages 3-6. He was able to really get a feel for what school is like, learn the routine, and socialize with other children. It’s been amazing!

Having a child at school isn’t that bad.

Now maybe because I know how badly Max needed (and still needs) this intervention, it’s a little different. I had barely had time to think about how sad I would be when he went to kindergarten, since he qualified for school before he was even 3. I was just really working on ways to get ready for preschool when  suddenly I practically had a kindergartener. I was a bit shaken up. While it’s different with him being away, I am so glad to know how much he loves school. It truly makes him so happy. He adores his teachers and friends. His eagerness to go to school makes it much easier when he climbs aboard the school bus (and his huge grin makes it hard for me to be sad).

Excited for school!!
(Little sis always wants to go
until the school bus actually arrives)!

There are a lot of good people in this world.

I never would have dreamed I could love Max’s teacher as much as I do. She genuinely adores these children! She’s patient and loving without being a pushover. She has all of the qualities a teacher needs in order to help these children succeed. It’s amazing to see people like her who make a difference in our lives. I thank her each and every day from the bottom of my heart for her love and dedication to my child and so many others who are lucky enough to meet her through the years.

You can’t expect your children to learn everything at school!

I think sometimes parents expect teachers to teach their children everything. That just isn’t the case. Parents are responsible for teaching children, too – everything from the ABC’s to how to cope in life to how to treat others. I have heard of parents blaming teachers for their children’s shortcomings and that frustrates me. So many parents are  absent during these influential years when they’re needed for success. We have to help our children – after all, they are OUR children — and not rely on the schools and teachers for every single thing.

I have so much to be thankful for.  While of course Max’s developmental delays have caused me some angst, that’s okay. They all are part of him and what makes him who he is – a child I love SO very much. I am very glad I was chosen to be his mommy. So this school year, I think I learned from these lessons for mom and grew just as much as he did.

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