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My daughter just finished Kindergarten. She’s the oldest of three kids and it was quite hard to acknowledge the fact that she was going to start elementary school, especially because I used to teach 1st and 2nd grade. I wasn’t ready for my daughter to be thrown into the big world of school. Gone all day, pressure of school, lunch rooms, new friends that I don’t know and don’t know their families, a school that I don’t know the curriculum, etc. My daughter was also nervous for the year to start so I had to make sure to put on the brave face for her and explain to her the kindergarten survival plan.

Kindergarten Survival

I think the hardest part of her entering school wasn’t that I was losing my ‘baby’ but rather from my teacher’s perspective. I didn’t know this school system and the curriculum it used. I didn’t know the reading program, how teachers graded, what math program they used, the expectations, etc. I was excited to hear about what she was learning and wanted to email her teacher all the time asking questions but I knew I had to sit back.

Luckily for me her teacher, school, and Kindergarten as a whole was amazing. Her grades were fabulous and the school (a new and a Project Based Learning one) was great. I was blown away by what she learned and what was expected of her. She was learning skills I had taught my first graders just five years ago. I couldn’t believe where she ended the year.

Some of the things I loved this year were getting to volunteer and meet the kids and a few moms. I loved watching her learn things and come home to tell me about it. I loved watching her writing evolve and her vocabulary too. I loved watching her meet new friends and build self confidence. I loved watching her problem solve and tell me the answer to questions I’d ask.

She really grew up so much this year and I am so proud of her. I was amazed about what she learned and how she learned it — and also how fast she learned and picked up new things, and how she applied them.

Field trip with my Kindergartener at the end of the year.

My daughter actually had her tonsils taken out and had to miss the last few days of school. Although that was hard, she was so happy about her Kindergarten year she didn’t want me to register her for first grade. She loved her teachers, class, and environment and felt safe. She didn’t know any kids in the beginning of the year coming in, and left with 26 new buddies. I feel so blessed by her year. Even though it was hard for me to let go because I knew what she was supposed to learn, I was so lucky she got a great education!

What were some of your kindergarten survival experiences?

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