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There is something about Spring fun that I just LOVE. Here in Indiana it could be the warmer air after the winter, or the new life flying and jumping around everywhere, and don’t forget the budding leaves and flowers just waiting to pop out.

I had a science teacher for a father and he took every opportunity to teach us at home about his area of interest. As a result, I too love getting the kids out in the spring and exploring. There are so many things to look at and discover. It doesn’t matter that it’s only 50 degrees, it feels WARM after dealing with snow and 20- to 30-degree temps for months!

Having Some Spring Fun

I took the opportunity during one of our mid-50 degree days last week to take a walk around my yard and check things out after being inside for months during a horribly cold and snowy winter. I found buds on the trees and little tiny green leaves spurting out of the ground in my landscape. I also found thousands of pieces of rabbit poop laying EVERYWHERE. Ugh. That’s so gross. We unfortunately have tons of rabbits living under our deck now and boy have they destroyed some of our landscaping trying to find food and bedding for their homes this winter.

My kids enjoyed the muddy grass and getting to put the swings up for the first time in months. Something about the weather brings the neighbors out and sends amazing smells through the air of grills fired up and burgers cooking. Everyone is happy and excited to be out of the house for the first time in what seems like forever.


It hit 68 degrees one day and we broke out shorts! We just wish it wasn’t so brown out.

The weather got me in the mood to head to my best friend, Pinterest. I discovered tons of great ideas out there for the kids to do to get exploring spring and the science of nature. The Mumbling Mommy Pinterest page has a great board on Spring Crafts and Science. Whether you are in the mood for bugs, seeds, or rainbows and sunshine, Pinterest just seems to have it all. We love collecting seeds, planting the garden and watching it grow, watching spring bulbs pop up, watching for bird nests and eggs to appear, chasing new little butterflies, and collecting rocks to decorate. Some of my kids’ favorite things to do are just get out the sidewalk chalk and start coloring! My daughter discovered that if you take a broom and scrape your chalk it smears together and blends. It’s pretty cool.

Enjoying some sidewalk chalk on a warm day.

I’m always looking for ideas to keep the kids happy during the spring — exploring, and enjoying life. What are some of your ideas of spring fun things you do with your kids?

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