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Coming up with a gender neutral baby shower theme can be fun and exciting. There are so many ideas out there. Recently, I helped throw a shower for my sister in-law. I didn’t come up with the theme, but I loved it so much I wanted to share. Here are three easy tips to host your “Game On!” baby shower:

Fun Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

1. Gather up all the games you have at home. We had a collection with everything from Uno to Pretty, Pretty Princess. We had kids’ games like Candy Land and adult games like Masterpiece. Stack them all up on a side table. Not only is it an easy decoration, but it can be a nice ice breaker or distraction during any down times at the shower. Small containers of Play-Doh are fun as well and make for an easy, colorful decoration.

2. Make easy centerpieces with dollar store games and puzzles. Get a variety of clear vases. The less they match, the better, in my opinion. Inside each one, add a few decorative glass beads and all the pieces to a small game. Puzzles work really well for this. Feather boas, beads and tiaras are good, too. Try to find travel versions of Guess Who? or Go Fish! as the cards will be half the size and will fit into the vase well. Add fake or fresh flowers if you like.


3. Put together a few gifts for guests totake home. We gave mini bags of caramel popcorn mix and Hershey’s bars. For the popcorn, we bagged up a handful in saran wrap with a piece of ribbon to keep it closed. The tag read: “Mom is about to POP. A SWEET little girl is due in {MONTH} so … Let the GAMES begin!” And for the Hershey’s bars, we used permanent markers to color in SHE since we knew the mom-to-be was expecting a girl. This could also work for HE. Or if  you don’t know the gender, make a few of each and color the words in with orange and green.

The food and location really don’t have to match the theme. For our shower, the guest of honor picked a local bistro with some delicious organic and fresh herb lunch dishes to choose from. Others have showers at community centers, churches, parks or even at someone’s home. Do whatever works for your family and your guest list.For this shower, a friend made a giant platter of cookies to be served as dessert since the momma wasn’t a big cake fan. Her best friend put together an amazing rainbow-colored, toy-decorated diaper cake, though. Using white onesies, wooden clothes pins and a string of clothesline, a few little decorative touches were added, too. It was the perfect intimate afternoon celebrating my soon-to-be niece and I was honored to help put it together for such an amazing sister-in-law.

What gender neutral baby shower ideas have you had in the past?
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