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I am working to lose the baby weight from my pregnancy and love to use quinoa in several of my recipes. Though it is low in calories, quinoa is one of the most protein rich foods– so it keeps the energy of moms like me up. I even add it to a lot of the food I cook for the baby! I don’t usually measure my ingredients. I just add the amount I want for flavor. For items where calorie counting may be needed I will use accordingly. Here are a few quick and tasty ways to incorporate quinoa into your daily foodie routine.

What quinoa looks like dry

Quinoa 3 Ways

Stir-Fried Rice Substitute:

Cook the quinoa according to the packaging and include the appropriate amount needed for your meal. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat, add the cooked quinoa, low sodium soy sauce, chopped peanuts and sriracha or other hot sauce (add based on your preference for spice). To this I add a variety of vegetables, chicken, shrimp or even tofu. It is a great low carb option.

Dried Fruit and Nuts:

I like to add something with texture to just about everything I cook. Just as with the option above, cook the quinoa per package instructions. Simply toss with some balsamic vinegar, chopped walnuts or almonds and dried cranberries and/or cherries. It is a protein-packed and delicious meal or snack. It can be stored for a few days refrigerated, so make extra to have in a pinch.

Southwestern Style:

This is another great lunch or side item. I like to add black beans, corn, green onion and chopped red pepper to my cooked quinoa. I season it with lime juice, hot sauce and about a teaspoon of low fat ranch dressing (use more for larger portions). I add fresh avocado to each individual serving- since I like to make extra I don’t want the avocado to get brown in the serving bowl.  It’s delicious served hot or cold! If I feel like cheating a bit on my diet I will scoop the salad onto tortilla chips for an extra treat.

Bonus: Jen from Jenn Reviews sent over this recipe for Spicy Quinoa that looks delicious too!

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