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This year’s big winter snow came, accompanied by below freezing temperatures. We got cabin fever pretty quickly, so soon I entrusted the Web to help find some fun activities to do indoors during cold winter months. Along with “swimming” in the bathtub and drawing in whipped cream on the kitchen table, we made snow ice cream. According to my Facebook news feed, apparently a lot of other families out there also made this treat this year. My kiddos loved this simple and delicious treat made with items you likely already have in your kitchen. It makes the perfect afternoon snack or a sweet dessert to enjoy after the slow cooker veggies you made for dinner.

Fresh snow cream with chocolate syrup.
It melts quickly!

Snow Ice Cream

To make snow ice cream, just scoop four or five cups of fresh, white snow into a mixing bowl. Add about 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, ¼ cup of sugar and a cup of milk or cream. Add more sugar if you would like. Stir it all up and top with your favorites – chocolate syrup, sprinkles, or anything that sounds good to you. If your kids can’t drink milk or do not like regular cow’s milk, soy milk or almond milk make a great alternative. Get creative and enjoy!

This recipe is from countrydrawersblog.com.
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