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Call it hot chocolate or hot cocoa: either way, it’s the perfect treat on a snowy day. This year I decided to experiment until I came up with an easy, all-natural recipe for hot cocoa to replace the little instant packets that are convenient but full of unnatural chemicals.

This recipe makes one generous serving or two small kid-sized servings. The measurements are forgiving, so don’t worry about being overly precise.  If you use 2% or whole milk, it tastes rich enough to be served on the Polar Express!

Easy All-Natural Hot Chocolate:

10 oz. milk (2% recommended)

2 heaping tablespoons baking cocoa

2 heaping tablespoons sugar

¼ teaspoon vanilla

Dash cinnamon (optional)

Warm the milk over medium-low heat. Then whisk in the rest of the ingredients until well-blended. Heat slowly until steaming. Serve with whipped cream, a little more cinnamon,  and/or marshmallows, as desired. Enjoy!

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