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My husband has a habit of placing his underwear on the floor just outside of the shower, despite the fact the hamper is just feet away. As one can imagine, this has been a thorn in my side for many years. On the days when I wasn’t in the mood to pick it up I would play a game of “let’s see how many pairs will pile up before he’ll pick them up” but I would always lose. Partly because he was unaware of the rules or the fact he was playing, and partly because inevitably laundry day would come and I would cave and pick it up.

The Ongoing Underwear Battle

Over the years I have given up and tend to not let it bother me. That is until I got pregnant again. Suddenly that underwear became my enemy. Most recently I was so annoyed that I picked up all the dirty laundry EXCEPT the underwear for laundry day. I am really going to show him! When my husband came home I was finishing up the week’s laundry, all except that lone pair still on the floor, untouched. That night I noticed that underwear made it into the basket. The next morning that underwear was there, too. What is this?! Have I cracked some code? Have I solved this without saying one word to him? A week later and the underwear is still successfully making it into the basket. GLORIOUS! Do you hear the choirs singing? So I decided to mention it to him. He had NO clue what I am talking about. He never noticed that I had picked up and completed all the laundry except that pair. WHAT? Failure …

So here I am waiting for the day the underwear will drop, because it will at some point in the next several months while I am pregnant and my hormones are crazy. But here is what I have realized while getting my own panties in a wad. My husband is a great guy. He works extremely hard to support our family so that I can stay at home with our kids and he provides absolutely everything for us. He is a loving and committed husband and father. And if his underwear on the floor is all I have to complain about, then I should be pretty grateful. I also know how quickly life can change and if he were no longer here I would miss seeing that lone pair of underwear on the floor. For my husband I am truly grateful and I will continue to choose to love him even as I pick up the underwear from the floor.


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