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Do you get that pit in your stomach when you see all those cutesie things friends do at Christmas, but you never have time to get it ready and pull it off? Are you looking for something new and special to do for your family this Christmas season? Something like 25 days of Christmas activities?

I have a great and simple idea for you!

A friend of mine, the sweet Priscilla from Priscilla K Photography, posted a list of activities she does with her family every year in December. Last year I was amazed each day how she wrote about and posted adorable pictures of activities she did with her kids to gear up for the holidays. It was fun to see her ideas and most are not very hard to pull off!

This year she posted her list early so that others could share in the idea and get planning! It made me start thinking about what I want to do with my family each day in December. Here is the play by play so you can plan for your family too!

25 Days of Christmas Activities

You start by composing a list of the fun things you want to do with your kids or as a family this Christmas season (we do each day in December 1-25). Make it personal. Maybe your family likes volunteering for soup kitchens, or making your own wrapping paper, etc. Brainstorm with your spouse on what you want to do together. I think it’s fun to keep it a secret from your kids but there are tons of ways to do it. You can also brainstorm with your kids what they want to do and then add it to your list.

After you have your list of ideas the next part is up to you on how you do the activities. If you are like me and work some, you might need to prepare ahead of time so you have the items ready. I like to have my list already prepared on Day One so I am ready, but you might like to let your family take the lead.

Here are some ideas on how to display and organize the ideas for 25 days of Christmas activities:

·     Put each idea on a cute note card or punch out and put in a decorated box or jar. Either you or someone in your family pulls one out each day for a fun family Christmas activity. You will need to be prepared for this ahead of time so you are ready. You can also keep some in a jar to pull out and others on a ‘weekend only list.’

·     Put the items on a board on your wall so you can mark them off as you complete them.

·      Put each item in an envelope or wrapped box so each day your child can get to see what you have planned (this allows you to have control over what is happening in case of a busy schedule or working).

·     Write each item on a piece of paper and put it in a numbered envelope and hang it somewhere like on the mantel or stairway. Each day in December, have your kids pick the envelope that matches the number of day.

·     Write each item on a piece of paper, fold it up, and place it in the Advent Calendar with a piece of candy for your kids each day.

· Write items on a Popsicle stick and put in a jar your kids decorate. Each day pull one out.

·        Make a paper Christmas tree and then write on paper ornaments each idea. Each day have your kids take off a paper ornament to see what it says.

Here are some great family Christmas activities to include:

· Cut down a Christmas tree and decorate it

· Watch a favorite Christmas movie and drink hot chocolate

· Go sledding

· Build a snowman

· Pick out a new ornament at Hallmark

· Go on a sleigh ride

· Paint or make an ornament

· Make Christmas cookies and decorate them

· Take the kids to a dollar store and let them shop for each other and a parent (requires 2 adults)

· Make wrapping paper and wrap gifts

· Camp out under the Christmas tree and watch a Christmas movie

· Unwrap Christmas books and read them

·  Make and mail Christmas cards

· Visit Santa

· Write a letter to Santa and mail it

· Donate money to Salvation Army so they can ring the bell

· Donate a toy for Toys for Tots

· Operation Christmas Child box – track our gift and talk about it

· Go Christmas Caroling

· Take Christmas cookies to neighbors

· Drive around and look at lights

· Go downtown in your metro area and look at lights

· Go to the Christmas lights at the Zoo

· Go on the Polar Express Train Ride after watching Polar Express

· Paint the windows inside with a wintery scene

· Have grandparents as guest Christmas readers

·Watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and make Grinch Floats (7 up and Green Sherbet!)

·Watch Home Alone and booby trap the house

·Decorate the Kids’ Christmas Tree

·Have a Christmas music dance party in our Christmas PJs

·Watch Elf and Elf Yourself online

·Make pictures for Elf on the Shelf

·Work at a soup kitchen or other local charity

·Breakfast with Santa at the Church

·Visit a live nativity scene
There are tons of ideas you can pick as a family. Like I said, make it personal and pick things you have as a tradition or make new ones. Days I know are busy I pick something quick and easy and days I know that aren’t, I make sure to have something more elaborate planned.

I am so excited to do these 25 days of Christmas activities with my kids and hope it brings holiday joy to yours as well!

What would you add to my list for 25 days of Christmas activities?


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