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As the proud mom of three girls, planning fun themed birthday parties is one of my favorite things to do. Twice a year, we get to deck the house in pink and purple, invite over our families over, enjoy a few snacks and have a great time! I love planning for a little girl’s birthday party. There are three themes you almost can’t go wrong with. Here’s my go-to list and fun trick’s to make your toddlers birthday party a success:

toddlers birthday Ideas

Princesses: If your toddler is into Disney Princesses then I’m all for using them in your theme but even if Disney isn’t your thing, your little girl’s birthday party can still be crowns and tiaras. This theme is perfect if your daughter is all about pretty things. You can get a crown from Burger King (or I’m sure you can find a template online) and trace it onto construction paper or cardstock to have all the boys and girls create personalized headwear with markers, feathers, beads, sequins, etc.
Fairies: Themed food for a fairy birthday party is so easy if you just get creative. Fairy Berry Salad anyone? Fairy Garden Veggie Sticks? You can even use sea salt or raw sugar (because they look more rock like) as pixie dust. Sun-kissed tea and lemonade for drinks based on light and water fairies. We used this theme for my oldest daughter’s 4th birthday and it was a huge hit. She loves everything Tinker Bell right now so we used the actual Tinker Bell characters for our theme but you wouldn’t have to do that. To decorate, try finding a template for Peter Pan shadows. You can cut them out on black construction paper and tape to the wall. Get templates for fairies and cut them out. Hang them from the ceiling for an effect of fairies flying through your party.
Ballerinas: Tutus, tutus, and more tutus. We used this theme for our twins’ first birthday party. We bought matching tutus from Target but you could easily order spools of tulle for cheap and making your own tutus. Think fun finger foods to eat and make sugar cookies in an oval shape so guests can decorate each as a ballet
If you aren’t already using Pinterest, start right now. Seriously, go. Even if you know nothing about pinning and boards and all that nonsense, search for toddler birthday parties and you’ll find plenty of ideas. Another source I really like is Birthday in a Box. It’s one stop shopping for generic themes. (It features licensed characters as well.) The personalized placemats are amazing in my opinion. ** Quick side tip: We have one for each daughter for each birthday so far. We use them over and over again for nightly dinners. **
Little girl birthday parties are about all I know but even with three daughters, we’ve still had some more neutral themed toddlers birthday parties with baby zoo animals, Elmo and Dr. Seuss. If your child is old enough, ask her for input. And don’t fret that your party isn’t big or bad enough. A toddlers birthday party isn’t about a huge bash, it’s about celebrating the birthday of an awesome little boy or girl.
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